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  1. Anyone know approx what frequency the archive comes with new decks/items? looking to spend some points but not amazed by whats there at the moment. seems like its been the same for at least the last year?
  2. I've got a brand new, never before seen item getting ready to drop into the Archive any day now! Keep your eyes open for it. And it is definitely time for a good refresh - We will get some other items into there over the coming weeks so you've got some new options!

    // L
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  3. wow thanks for the quick reply and info!
  4. Yes! I’ve been waiting for an update! Can’t wait to see it.
  5. I see the archive has now been updated. It looks like there is now a new pin, mandarin monarchs, gold artisans and signed NPH decks.
    Just curious, is there any other items coming soon? Maybe, some older Theory11 decks? I know Brown Wynns were on there a couple months ago, any chance those come back?
  6. Those were limited edition, and our supply is effectively gone. You won't be seeing those again except possibly as a one-off contest prize or something similar. Usually if we stop selling our older decks it is because our stock has depleted to the point that we are either out or we are down to just a few decks left that we want to hold on to. Older decks aren't very likely to come around again.

    // L
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  7. Thanks for the information Lyle!
    Looks like signed NPH decks are gone already. Lol

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