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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Tonight we released our last product of the year 2010 – ALCHEMY by Ben Seidman. This is Ben's first release here at theory11, so please join us in welcoming him with this premiere release!

    With ALCHEMY, you can vanish a coin into thin air, or change it into another object while showing your hands completely empty. This is real simple and powerful impromptu magic.

    If you’re looking for something new and visual to add to your coin routines, or for a stand alone effect, ALCHEMY fits in perfectly and will make your spectators believe they just saw real magic.

    Learn this beautiful piece of magic by clicking on the link above or by heading to the Magic Tricks section of the website. We all hope you guys had a wonderful 2010 – time to push the envelope even further with 2011.
  2. Can I perform this surrounded under fire ie people actually over my shoulder?
  3. The angles are discussed in the video, however it can not be done surrounded (as with many coin sleights). I wouldn't recommend you perform this under fire; more suited for a walkaround setting or casual gathering.
  4. Downloading right now, this looks quite interesting :D
  5. Any special requirements like clothing, gimmicks, is the move knacky..what's the difficulty, etc;...

  6. Enjoy it! This is now my favorite coin vanish and it's very fun to practice. :)
  7. The clothing shouldn't be a worry if you're doing a gig or just a casual setting. The move is knacky, but you get a lot better through time with practice - Ben recommends you practice this a lot before performing this for other people. The difficulty is flexible in terms of your knowledge in coin magic. Very clean and visual piece to add to your repertoire. :)
  8. From seeing the video, I have an immense respect for Ben Seidman now. I watched it 4 times, not to figure it out, but to just relive what I saw. That was beautiful and inspiring. Ben, if you read this, thank you for taking magic seriously. You have mad skills.

    I think I'm going to buy this. :\

    || sean ||
  9. From the way it looks to me. It is probably very knacky and from what Casey said I highly believe there is something to do with the clothes. It does look like a nice effect though. I made my own change of a coin to anything but it isn't a regular coin. It is a jumbo coin for the end of my one coin routine. I will see what others say about this and most likely buy it.
  10. This is very knacky, I'm watching the instructional right now. This is right up my alley. His tip are very helpful, over 20 minutes long. I've been wondering what to do with this move for a long time and this is the missing piece to my puzzle.
  11. I must say at first glance it does look similar to Kirk Kokinos's angel coin vanish but with extra refined touches, a very nice piece of art!
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    I'm sufficiently fooled.

  13. Happy New Year everyone! This is an effect that has literally fooled everyone that Ben has shown it to live or in video form. The night we shot it, Ben and I went to dinner in New York with Tony Chang, who was also fooled and learned it on the spot. It's fun to practice, and will take some practice, but the result is well worth it - something versatile and applicable to many different effects in magic.

    For those of you relatively new to coin magic, Ben covers the basics in the video and offers guidance on where to run to enhance your study of coin sleights and coin magic overall.
  14. haha that's mad :D
  15. Looks very interesting... hmmm...
  16. Looks very clean... thinking about buying this =) But if you can change the coin with another coin it would be very good in a spellbound routine.
  17. Nice! It kinda reminds me of Ponta's coin vanish, but cleaner at the end. I'd get it, but I don't want to break my resolution already.
  18. I should mention one really cool idea for Alchemy. This, combined with Smoke by Alan Rorrison, would make a KILLER vanish or change! You could get even better mileage if you already own Smoke or plan on ordering it. :)
  19. WHAT THE FREAKIN MESS!!?! that is all.
  20. That would be awesome, but the only problem would be there would be no reason to "load the gimmick" The only way I could think is if you sign the coin, but still it would seem unnecessary

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