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  1. Starting in 2008, and inspired by an idea hatched by Richard Z on Decknique, we held an annual competition for groups of cardists around the world to participate and make a collaboration video. Tonight, we welcome you to the Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2011, and this year, we want you to push the envelope even further!

    We're launching CCC2011 tonight because we thought it was appropriate to launch on this very special occasion - the release of Genesis v2 by Andrei Jikh. If you haven't seen the Genesis v2 preview video yet, click here - and get practicing!

    Your task is to organize into teams of Cardists and unite to make an awesome, over the top, ninja-esque video demonstrating your skill and love for the art. Make it unique, and push your limits. Creativity and originality plays a tremendous role, so try your best!

    The contest officially starts tonight. Before you begin working on your project, read the following guidelines:

    - At least two members per team, and a max of four. Not all team members have to be in front of the camera - so if you have one team member designated to handle the filming, that is fine.
    - Each member can only be on ONE team. You can't be on three teams at once!
    - Your video must utilize your choice of 2 music tracks - get them now here!
    - Deadline to submit your video is exactly 4 weeks from today – Friday, April 15th at 11:00pm EST

    You all must name your video and post the link in this forum thread, along with a list of your team members, on or before the deadline in order to win. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or another popular video sharing site. If the video is marked as private, or we can't watch it, we can't judge it.

    As the icing on the cake, The winning team takes this home - a prestigious steel trophy to remind the world of your achievement. The trophy is handmade, with the title laser etched into its surface.

    Want a tip? Organize your teams THIS week so you can get started as soon as we post the music next Friday (update - music has been posted!).

    CCC2011 - 1.jpg CCC2011 - 2.jpg CCC2011 - 3.jpg

    Good luck to everyone; we can’t wait to see all of the submissions!
  2. if there are 2 members in my team including me, there would be only 1 dude flourishing is it ok? cos someone needs to be behind cam.
  3. Since theres only 1 prize Im going to guess that ideally you want to know the group in real life and be able to work with them. Unfortunately I know no other cardists :(
  4. So if you cant find anyone else or dont know anyone else to team up with, there is no way around being able to do this solo?
  5. You could team up with someone online but then you would have to take a saw to that nice trophy. But that just gave me an idea.

    Would it be legal to film myself 2-4 times and just splice the videos together so its basically 2-4 clones of me flourishing at the same time if I cant find anyone else to work with?
  6. Ask around the forums, someone is bound to be in the same position. You's can decide on one person to edit and send your footage to them through a number of online methods. Flip a coin for the trophy, it's not important.
  7. This probably is the only way you could do it with someone else if you can't meet up with them. The downside is you can't collaborate as well for shots since its always easier to be there and explain and discuss. Since its your only option though, thats the way to go.

    Also, are there any restrictions on the video length?
  8. The music tracks we will be providing later determine your video's length.
  9. They really should do a MAGIC one of these.
  10. So we must use the whole track?
  11. I'm up for being in a team. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. Damn i am so up for this. Is dan and dave's flourishing considered as cardistry? And will there only be one trophy?

    You wanna do it with me? But i'm 10000miles away.
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    Can you edit? If so, I can just send you some footage.

    I'd like to be in a team of 4 people, so if anyone else wants in, just let us know in this thread.
  14. This is the price? mehhh
    i expect for something bigger from theory maybe this and few decks
  15. It would be nice to add to the prize something signed by Theory11 artists, like a white centurions deck signed by Andrei or something like that!
  16. Yeah i can edit,but i can't do it like thoery11's, though i have been dying to know how. Now the only person we need in the vid is......

    andrei jikh.......XD
  17. Oh yeah is flourishing included in cardistry?

    I was wondering whether can i include Dan and Dave's moves inside
  18. Of course you can! Any flourishes count, but you get bonus points for originality!
  19. A few questions.
    Does all members of the team have to be a member of Theory11?
    And what is your exact definition of cardistry? does both flourishing and magic count?
  20. 1. Not at all. This can be for EVERYONE!

    2. Cardistry = No Magic. All card flourishing!

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