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  1. In early December, I witnessed something amazing. It made me lose sleep. I could NOT forget it.

    It was a rough video of an artist I didn't know performing an effect I had never seen.

    He held a borrowed soda bottle in his hands, and on his command, it completely collapsed. In the days that followed, I learned that that artist was Eric Ross, and the effect was CRUSH.

    In the months that followed, our creative team - led by Dan White - worked closely with Eric in refinement of what we believe looks like a true miracle. Over the past several weeks, we've released a series of teasers hinting at it, and tonight we can confirm it. CRUSH is coming.

    You focus your attention. You stare with intent and precision. And suddenly, and slowly, the bottle begins to crush. They hear it. They feel it. It happens without warning, entirely under your control.

    The DVD teaches TWO complete methods, shot on location with street performances in the heart of Times Square, New York City. Perform it with a borrowed bottle. A Pepsi bottle. A water bottle. Any bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands. Put the bottle in your spectator's hands. Put the bottle on the table. The choice is yours. Freedom.

    On April 19th, witness it and watch the full preview video exclusively at theory11. On April 21st at 11:00pm EST, CRUSH will be released.

    :: WATCH / final teaser - crush
  2. awesome. i cant want to see it.
  3. Looks alright for a mentalism presentation. Can't wait for it.

  4. Killer trick!
    Right now I'm just trying to think of everything I could do with this effect.
    So many presentation ideas going through my head right now.
  5. omg yES!!!! i can not wait for this
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    The effect that I've been anticipating for... CRUSH...
  7. Public Enemy let's not talk about SR it is an effect that is too powerful to be mentioned.
  8. @D ICE R - I, for one, was very happy with the contents of SR, despite the negative reviews via another forum. I do believe it's a powerful concept with MANY applications.
  9. So great! I can't wait for it!
  10. The only people who could possible give SR a bad review are 14 yearolds who have no idea how to present mentalism. Or people with no audience control or rapport.
  11. @D ICE R - Yes; many thought the SRProcedure was too transparent for the spectator(s), but it also makes you feel guitly how you're always one step ahead of the spectator(s) with SR. My personal favorite from SR was TDC, and I've been thinking of combining both TDC and DMR into one effect. I'll PM you with what the effect would look like.
  12. I can imagine what the effect would look like I have not really done anything with the effect as of yes except reworked the script. I also took the idea from Bob Cassidy of using two spectators for two thought of cards.
  13. I'm looking forward to making CRUSH my opener. No need for words...how can words explain CRUSH?
  14. Shouldn't Crush have been released over at Paper Crane Magic..
    I saw a trailer over there some time ago.
    What happened?
  15. Looks great, cant wait
  16. Will there be a gimmick that will go with the dvd or will the dvd/download will tell us how to create the gimmick? I'm sure there is a procedure or something to prepare so it's not impromptu? Maybe Bayne can give us the price of how much Crush will cost?

  17. Awesome. I have an idea, since my birthday is on the 25th you can send it to me for free JB! I'm glad you agree.
  18. Everything you need is included - other than any normal bottle. That said, Eric teaches a method on the DVD that requires no gimmicks of any kind. Crazy awesome. This is one of those rare effects that is as fun to perform as it is to watch.
  19. Price? is what we need a Gimmick? or will there be Refills? Sorry to ask, just want to make it clear for me and others here.

  20. You will get all that you need. No refills necessary.

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