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  1. We are back on track and ready for action. This week brings a new instant download from the mind of Jesse Feinberg called DIVIDED. A simple, deceptive, convincing effect that will make your head turn.

    A card is selected and signed. It is returned to the deck and mixed back in. You turn over the top card - hoping it is the chosen one... but sadly, it isn't. You take that indifferent card and TEAR it - showing a glimpse of its face up until the last moment - when it visually changes into the card you originally selected and signed.

    Simple, powerful magic by Jesse Feinberg - taught in 18 minutes of video instruction. Download and start learning now. See details at the link below:

  2. This is awesome trick~~~Gonna to learn it
  3. I'm sorry but his card handling is horrible...
  4. Creeper, you are entitled to your own opinion, but this must be expressed in a professional, respectful manner if you choose to be a part of this community. It's very easy to criticize others when they are the men in the arena, not you. When presented properly, this effect does not need any visible sleights. It is simple, direct, and the type of thing spectators truly react to.
  5. At first glance... I've gotta say wow on this one. I love it.
  6. I second that!
  7. Its ok. But i would suggest putting in the trailer a black indiferent card instead of the red one.
  8. Does it come with gimmicks, or does it teach you how to make it?
    Or am I totally wrong and it's completely impromptu.
  9. You will need six razorblades, a tea kettle, four bars of soap, and Pert shampoo. Just kidding. Everything you need can easily be found around the house. The video is very detailed - 18 minutes - and shows you everything you need to know.
  10. He does flash in the preview. But it still looks great.


  11. Nothing that I noticed after the first time through. If you watch it over a couple of times it's easy to spot, but anytime you watch a a recorded performance over a couple of times, you can spot a flash here and there.
  12. I saw it first time.

  13. Lol same...

    This is an effect that if people watched a lot of times, they would figure out... Personally, I don't like it because it wastes cards every time you perform it...

    But that's just my opinion...
  14. I thought you also need fresh milk from a cow, which is hard to find in China here. And what the heck is Pert shampoo? Thanks for the detailed explanation...phishing trip successful.
  15. I get how you feel, because I hate ripping cards as well. But when you consider tricks like Split Decision and Angle Zero, the destroyed cards are definitely not wasted in the traditional sense of the word; they are used to produce a miracle the likes of which will leave spectators totally dumbfounded and amazed.
    I think that amazement is worth the ripped card.
  16. Yeah, like JDEN, I also found a flash the first time..
  17. It is very rare to hear guys like Bill Kalush, Jason England, or Chris Kenner ask "how did you do that?" As a very well trained magician, you should know. I would hope so. Under the glaring eye of an HD camera, it is close to impossible to hide every single sleight from every single angle. We do our best to try, but out of respect for the artist, I do find it unnecessary to point out minor imperfections multiple times in presentation of an otherwise great effect.

    If you see a major issue, of course let us know privately or publicly. We welcome constructive feedback and it helps us improve. That said, I don't consider a flash for two frames when watched in slow motion to be an issue.
  18. This effect looks pretty cool. I don't know that I'll be picking it up but I like the idea.

    As far as tearing cards up in performances, I do it all the time. I've done tricks that destroy entire decks. These are the tricks a lot of people remember over long periods of time (Remember that crazy guy who destroyed the whole deck of cards...except the one I signed!?!). Cards are cheap (assuming you're not using custom decks) and easily replaced (don't tell me you don't have at least a dozen decks right now) so why wouldn't you ruin a few cards if it helps create the maximum impact for your spectators?
  19. This looks pretty cool. It reminds me of BeLieVe. I've always wanted to get it but couldn't justify spending the 20 bucks. This looks like a good alternative.
  20. Thank you guys for all the kind words and critique. I'm always available for questions about these effects, so hit me up anytime :)

    I have performed this for people without any patter, and it got some crazy reactions. I usually ask the spectator "what do you get if we divide 10 in half?". They say "five", and you reveal their signed five! Or 8 to a 4, and tons of other uses! I've worked out all the special details with help from Dan White on the handling and contributions from Titanas (titanasmagic.com). Here is a link to Pert Plus Shampoo and Conditioner: http://www.pertplus.com/pert-plus.aspx

    And don't forget about my other new release STRIKE.


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