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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Merry Christmas! To give the night even more spice than it had already, we unveiled FOUR new releases tonight as a surprise Christmas Eve event. First and foremost, we have a VERY limited quantity of uncut sheets of DeckONE by Homer Liwag. Only 250 sheets were produced, and once these are sold out, they will remain sold out until our next production run. Want one? Don't wait. Act now.

    We also released three new apparel items just in time for the cold winter season. Check out the Head of the King shirt with illustration of the Bicycle King, the Bee Logo Emblem shirt (a navy blue shirt with the Bee logo emblem on the front), and the Bee Joker Hoodie - Andrei's new favorite thing. It will keep you warm as you practice in style.
  2. On the product page for the sentinels uncut sheets, it said the same thing, but they have not been in stock since. Will the DeckOne uncut sheets be sold again after they sell out?
  3. I know I probably shouldn't post this here... but I know you worked at E so you probably will be able to answer this:

    Do the t-shirts fit and feel like the E masters shirt?
  4. I would buy those shirts. But sh*t they are expensive.

  5. So what color do we get the hoodies in? The blue or gray? Also when I put them in my cart the price is $45? If this is right then I will gladly buy one!
  6. I'm in the game! I had to order the uncut sheet of cards, they are too good to pass up on. The deck is beautiful!
  7. Buy it before they realise the mistake. ;)

  8. I ordered both!! But I still don't know which colour hoodie I am going to get? There was no option, I would rather have the gray one.
  9. The hoodies are only one color - gray. Some of those pictures looked darker than others as some of the images were taken at night, while others during the day. In person, the hoodies are a medium gray tone - so you're in luck! Thanks for the tip on that pricing error - it has now been corrected!
  10. hi bayme..
    is there any changes you will add blue color for the hoodie??
    coz i more prefer the blue one...
  11. There are currently no color options for the hoodie - it just looks a bit blue in the picture as it was photographed at night. It's a dark gray color in real life.

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