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  1. There is one move that has been requested since the start of our sleight of hand series with Jason England: riffle stacking. The ability to control a card, or several cards, to any position in the deck. Imperceptibly.

    Riffle stacking is an exercise in what is possible, with practice, with a deck of cards. There is no big secret as to how it is done, but there are countless details and nuances that will guide you along the way. In this 41 minute video, Jason England takes you by the hand and leads you along that path.

    To those of you familiar with Jason England's series here at theory11, you know to expect exhaustive credits and text references. This video has none. Why? Because quite frankly, there are none (well, very few). This video is one of the few comprehensive resources on riffle stacking, anywhere, ever.

    See details here: http://www.theory11.com/tricks/riffle-stacking-jason-england.php
  2. does he go over anything about fulves shuffle technique books? because if you mention riffle stacking you gotta have fulves
  3. Heh, was I the only one that thought, "That's Jason England ... how do I even know those aces are coming off the top of the deck?"

    Looks great. I'll probably be picking this up.
  4. How did you notice?! He isn't dealing those aces from the top. Or bottom. Or center. He's dealing them from the house next door. Yeah... he's THAT good.
  5. HAHAHA!!! Great one!! that actually made me laugh!!
  6. Jason looks tired. He ok?
  7. Looks interesting.
  8. Nope you weren't i thought the same thing
  9. That's just an acquired skill. When you go to deal the cards, hold the outer right corner between the tips of your index and thumb, then sort of flick it with the nail of your second finger. This causes the card to rotate around your fingertips and fly out pretty straight with hardly any noticeable motion from your hand. But it's one of those skills that takes a bit of practice to get really smooth and to aim well.
  10. It appears that Mr. England has released enough material not on Foundations to create a 2nd massive DVD of it's kind... Will we definitely be seeing Foundations 2 soon?
  11. isn't the technique called "sailing"

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