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  1. They were unveiled this past weekend at Magic-Con, and they sold out within hours. Due to unparalleled quality control, they have taken nearly SIX months to produce. 6,000 decks were destroyed in January when they did not meet our quality standards.

    We demanded better. We demanded quality. And we got it. They are now ready. This Monday at 11:00pm EST, they will be released.

    The fourth edition Smoke & Mirrors, with an elegant, simplified back design and unique - never before been done - metallic ink. Dressed to impress with a dark green shimmer - they are no longer just black and white.

    Modern, refined, and streamlined. The feel and finish was applauded by industry professionals like David Blaine, Derek Delgaudio, and Chris Kenner. Durable and smooth, they fan perfectly right out of the box.

    See the preview video and be ready to order Monday night. We're expecting these to sell out within 24 hours of release, and the next supply will not be available for a few more weeks.

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  2. Epic...

  3. Wow...just, wow
  4. where is the preview vid?
  5. Remember this is just my opinion!!

    I saw a vid clip of Josh Brand with them and they looked FUGLY!
  6. Hmm Even though I hate having text on the backs of my cards, I will buy two to add to my ever flowing collection of cards.
  7. I inquired about printing with metallic ink and they told me it couldn't be done! I'm glad it is finally available.
  8. If you mean this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRom_Zr2Cjk&feature=sub

    Those are not at all what the colors look like in real life. That camera is discolored my friend.
  9. i've always loved the Jokers and the Ace Of Spades on S+M's

    but this new design is just ugly...the backs don't look good a'tall

    i hate to judge cards by how they look
  10. don't judge through a screen ....
  11. Quoting myself from the Essential Magic Convention thread:

  12. Because you have to learn to control yourself and make decisions about what to do with limited resources :)
  13. These cards look really awesome. Josh Brand even told me that they are great. The color is not what you see in the video. It's because it's filmed with an iPhone and of course the coloration isn't that great. It's your standard S&M deck with different back designs and a little touch added to the court cards. The back design adds a really smooth and elegant appeal to them. The green metallic ink tops it off. The new deck does come with a seal, unlike their old 3 versions, but the seal has the D&D logo on it, which is really cool too. I wouldn't judge these cards too soon, because neither Dan nor Dave EVER disappoint, at least in my book.


  14. Hope they actually look good in real life hehe ;)

    Gonna try to pick up a brick or so.

  15. I picked up a couple of decks at Magic-Con. Regardless of how you feel about the design, they do feel good and handle well.

    What was really nice actually was that people didnt go too crazy about cards, and were actually paying attention to the magic going on at the event!
  16. nothing special

    i realy dont see how they can be so amazing SHAM WOOWWW style lol, i rather by centurions or propagandas. To me they kinda look like Wynnnssss with Dand and Dave style to it.
  17. Can't wait to order these bad boys I am wanting to order 3 bricks so people get your orders in quickly!!
  18. technically these aren't the first cards with a metallic ink finish, an example being the english laundry cards done with metallic silver, and kind of with the absolute vodka cards (also a bit of metallic silver)
  19. These are the first decks printed on the new web (casino) press at US Playing Card utilizing metallic inks. In related news, these were a nightmare to print because of that fact. Throughout the production process, we had quality issues galore - from smeared ink to blurry lines.

    Dan and Dave have an eye for perfection, though - which explains why we threw away so many decks. We finally reached a high level of quality that we are more than satisfied with. We hope you guys love them as much as we do. They are without a doubt the simplest of the four S&M decks we have produced thus far, but simplicity can be a good thing. In this case, a great thing.
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