t11 bulletin - SMOKE + STRIKE + Uncut Sheets

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  1. Earlier this month we powered through 5 releases and a shiny new site. Tonight we come back with a vengeance with three products in the house.

    We are proud to announce that SMOKE is now back in stock and available for immediate shipping. The original supply sold out in less than 5 days, and we worked as quickly as possible to bring it back as soon as possible. Tonight, SMOKE returns. See details and full information here.

    Secondly, we are now releasing the first instant download on this new site - STRIKE by Jesse Feinberg. A pack of matches is torn and visually restored multiple times, each time more visual than the last. Completely examinable. A simple, twisted impromptu miracle. Watch the preview now here.

    Lastly, we unveil UNCUT SHEETS of Sentinels for the first time ever. These are priced at less than 1/3 of what uncut sheets have sold for elsewhere - and we only made 150. They are EXTREMELY rare and priced fair at $29.95. First come, first served - once they are gone, they are gone until our next production cycle. Be a part of it and obtain the ultimate collector's item.
  2. Hmm.. May have to get that sheet.
  3. Enjoy in the excitement fellas. Hope you saved some money. Nice releases for tonight.
  4. Purchasing an Uncut sheet at the moment, need some decor for my new room! First deck of Sentinels ever made, and a first release window for the Uncut Sheets....sweeeeetness
  5. how come the link for the uncut has Error 404? Is it out yet?
  6. Just fixed this. Sorry about that - try it now here!
  7. How Many left :p
  8. If you have one in your cart does it save the product for you to order later?
  9. 'theory11 is the only major company in magic to print exclusively on the web (casino) press in Q1 quality. Witness quality in its uncut form.''

    I'm stumped.Do the cards get classified when the quality is confirmed ? Does Q1 mean more people watching while the cards print ? If you can print in Q1 quality , so does that mean you can select how high quality you want your cards to be ? And why do casino decks suck when they are printed on the supposedly good casino press that T11 prints on ?

  10. Bill, not the appropriate time nor place. All this sh*t's been argued over and over since T11 said this Q1 stuff when the Sentinels were released. Don't start, please.
  11. It will remember that you have it in your cart, but if they sell out before you check out, you will get a scary error message and the website will squirt water at your face and yell mean things at you.
  12. What was wrong with asking that ? I could only get that kind of info from someone who is close with USPCC and one of them is JB.
  13. Well darn, cause this transferring of the money to my card is still pending and I'm afraid they will sell out by the time it's finished. Gladly I won't get gator-booted!
  14. Got 2 sheets 1 faces up in frame 1 backs up in frame. Oh hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hmmm... Never really saw the point in these... Yeah sure they look cool. Yeah sure there are only 150 in existence... Yeah sure they will be worth more in the future... But in the end it really just is a poster for 30 dollars... Just my thoughts...

    Anyone know the approximate value of selling these later?
  16. i have a sheet of propagandas in my room. its gorgeous. it looks so cool. if i had a nerf gun. i could do some sweet magic with suction darts on the glass frame
  17. Like ...... 300 $
  18. Oh crap! I wish I would have known sooner. I'm pissed now that I won't get paid in time to get a copy of the uncut sheet of cards.
  19. i was just getting ready to ask whats the point in buying these
  20. Phew! Finally purchased it...less than 65 left guys....hurry up if you want to get them now!


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