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  1. With the spectator's finger touching the top of the deck, the deck slowly splits ITSELF in half. With a delicate touch, their chosen card SHOOTS out of the pack. The deck is completely examinable before and after the effect. They will find nothing; they will have no explanation.

    From the mind of David Jade and Damien Vappereau comes STATIC. A simple, powerful, beautiful effect that is as practical as it is evocative.

    :: Now Available - $19.95

  2. Looks great bit I can never see myself using a gimmick.
  3. When it says "comes with ample supplies" will we be able to order or make more after we run out? Wait will we run out?
  4. It comes with enough supplies for 10+ gimmicks, but if you need more, you know where to find us. Simply contact our support crew for information on refills and/or additional supply.
  5. Man... I need to buy this. I have ALL the cash except for shipping...

    I will get this DVD...
  6. looks great how many times will we be able to preform it before are gimmick breaks ? you say enough for 10 + gimmicks but want to make sure they dont just break every other preformance is this a 1 time make or what thanks? :)
  7. With careful, proper performance, each gimmick should last you MANY, many performances. That said, the 10+ gimmicks you can make with the supplies included should last you quite some time.
  8. am I the only one that clicked the link and i still says the page doesnt exist, and yes ive tried going to the trick section and every thing
  9. Which link did you click? This one should work.
  10. jb is it only many performances or could it last us a lifetime? *fingers crossed*
  11. the one on the front page of the site, the one on twitter, the one on this thread, on the tricks section, and the link you just gave me and I get this every time

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  12. Hey Jonathan, aren't you technical dirty ( Highly doubt the spectator will find it) when ending Static?
  13. Try clearing your cache and trying again; may be an issue with the temporary internet files on your PC (or Mac). Let me know if that does the trick.

    The deck can be examined immediately before and immediately after the effect - they will not find the gimmick. It's VERY hard to detect.

    Will definitely not last a lifetime (unless you're a goldfish), but the supply included will last for many, many performances. When you run out, you know where to find us for refills or additional materials.
  14. Dan and Dave live on the streets as well from the looks of the trailer... niiiice. Beautiful effect that I could easily see myself using... paycheck doesn't come quite fast enough.
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  16. Can we buy the refills at any magic shops?
    And does the DVD will teach you how to built the gimmick?
  17. Quoted for truth! I totally agree. Like I said in the media section. I can't wait until next friday. :)
  18. so the materials aren't supplies that we could possibly buy in a local store?
  19. Might have been brought up before, but isn't there already a trick named Static? From the loops dvd, Danny G. One of my favvvvvssssssss.
  20. What will be the price for the additional refils and materials once the 10 Gimmicks do run out?


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