t11.bulletin - THE CLASSIC PASS with Jason England : Now Available

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  1. theory11 proudly presents a brand new 1-on-1 training video from Jason England - THE CLASSIC PASS.

    Expert card mechanic Jason England teaches the Classic Pass - a technique that enables you to control any selection invisibly. Also taught are applications and nuances gained through years of study and practice.

    See the preview video and order it now - exclusively at theory11.

    : : THE CLASSIC PASS - $9.95
  2. That was one of the greatest pass I have ever seen....
  3. I look forward to hearing Jason's insights on this move, doesn't matter to me that I already know the basics and use it in my routines all the time.

  4. Man. I like the classic pass, and he is pretty good at it!

    I am going to pick this up as he is one of the greatest teachers of sleights and can probably help me to understand it better.
  5. I am working on it. Hopefully, my classic pass can be as natural as Jason England 's in the future
  6. Good at it? he's PHENOMENAL at executing the 'CLASSIC PASS'!
  7. Agreed! That pass is absolutely unbelievable. I'll have to pick up the 1-on-1 some day for the tips and subtleties he has to share.
  8. The face up classic pass looks like trick photography.
  9. Very good... I might get this
  10. honestly I'd like to see Alex Pandrea teach it...
  11. I guess this should answer my question about pass videos... For now anyway....

  12. This is something I have to pick up. What a freaking pass.
  13. What a rude thing to say. Jason England isn't good enough for you? Honestly, the magic community today boggles my mind.
  14. Yeah I agree with you. I didn't want to say anything though because then Creeper will start complaining.
  15. Not sure if you're joking or serious, but I think Alex would agree wholeheartedly that him teaching the pass compared to Jason England teaching the pass is like learning calculus from a college student compared to a Harvard Professor. That is not a put down on Alex - he is a rockstar and has AMAZING chops - particularly on the pass. But Jason England is hard to beat. He is one of the most well read, knowledgeable card mechanics alive.

    There are very few in this world who are qualified, experienced, and studied enough to be an authority on this move. Jason is one of those few.
  16. fo shizzle.

    I was recently thinking about suggesting Mr. England teaching this or asking why it hasn't been done already as a 1on1. Buying ASAFP.
  17. I don't know why everyone is jumping to conclusions, I never said that Jason isn't good at the move...I never said he isn't a great teacher...I just meant maybe in the future Alex can offer some insight on the move, because I think he's a beast at it...thats all...
  18. And it's very rude and disrespectful to say that in this thread. You could really use a few lessons in manners.
  19. Understandable. Obviously Jason is much more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the move, but I had the opportunity to hang out with Alex at Magic-Con and I can attest to the fact that the man is definitely a beast! Agreed, sir.
  20. Yeah the way Jason does it is very good. You guys are going to need to slowly practice and watch the video for years for it to get that good. Because that kind of skill ONLY comes from experience.

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