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  1. So i just bought 18 decks of cards. I got 6 guardians, 6 centurions, 3 smokes, and 3 mirrors. i should be gettin them in the mail today how would you rank each of them on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest
  2. well i don't own smoke or mirrors but i'd have to say centurions and guardians are about the same quality of about an 8

    those decks are amazing
  3. i bought a deck of guardians before and i thought they were f--king amazing. Ellusionist cards cant even begin to compare
  4. guardians are good
    cents i don't know and i should get my smoke and mirror this week :)
  5. If you click on playing cards (a section on the site), then you can see a 5 star review of each playing card. There are also some typed reviews. That will give you quite a bit of feedback.
  6. Smoke and mirrors - 10/10

    Guardians 8/10

    dunno about cents

  7. Cents are 9/10

    Just a tit better than guardians in terms of stock and look.
  8. In conclusion - you'll have to make up your own mind. Feel and design aesthetics are so subjective, really. The quality of all of them are good though so nothing to worry about.
  9. T11 did really well on the Cinchillion cards. Really like them. Way better than the standard bicycle back.
  10. ok so lucky for me they came today.

    very nice and will last a long time


    like the guardians but i think they look a lot cooler


    they feel really thin and theyre warping a lot. it might have something to do with them being white


    my jaw dropped when I opened these. by far the greatest deck ever.

    Quick note on the smoke and mirrors. they seem to be made more for flourishing as apose to magic. something about the feel of them. idk...just a thought.
  11. I use the Guardians regularly. They are the only cards that I use now. I can't go back to regular bikes. I own a deck of White Centurions and if they were available to the public I would definitely use those. They are beautiful.


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