T11 Deck Fact Sheet – Monarch NYSM2 Edition

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  1. Here it is – the first in a series of informative posts on the history of theory11 playing cards. The first request we had was one of the most recent additions to the Monarch Family – the Monarch NYSM2 Edition.

    Monarch NYSM2 Edition playing cards were a single-printing limited-edition product released in May of 2016. They were a collaboration between theory11 and the creators of the summer blockbuster movies Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2. The original Monarch playing cards were used heavily in both movies, so it was only fitting to create a version for the film. These were only sold in May and June of 2016. The remaining units were kept in theory11 reserves for promotions, samples, giveaways and internal uses.

    The NYSM2 Edition Monarchs were printed using the standard theory11 stock and finishes (the same as used on all our custom cards). These decks feature a few notable characteristics that make them easily identifiable:

    - Black tuck case with silver foil
    - 5 leaves on the upper-right hand branch (as with all but the oldest Monarch decks)
    - The TXI Logo and Barcode on the bottom flap of the tuck case
    - Red and gold foil seal with tax-stamp edges (jagged edges)
    - White design on a black ink playing card background
    - Thin borders
    - Custom Ace of Spades and 2 custom (identical) Jokers
    - Other faces standard, with the typical muted theory11 color scheme

    Questions? Ask here, and if applicable I will add them to the above fact sheet.

    // L
  2. Wow, I really like this idea. I look forward to the next!
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  3. Following this, I am trying to collect the entire Monarch set so can't wait for more info on these decks.

    Thanks for all the information!
  4. Great! Sorry these take so long - I only work on them in downtime, and they take a lot of work to compile and organize. Hoping to have some more Monarch sheets up soon!

    // L
  5. I believed NYSM Monarchs had metallic silver on black design, not just on the tuck but on the cards themselves too. Good to know, love these posts!
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