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    Work in Progress - This page will be the main Monarch page listing and linking to all the Monarch versions. For info about specific variants inside of a major version, please see the page for the specific version.

    Unlimited Releases:
    - Monarch (Original Navy)
    - Silver Monarch (Discontinued)
    - Red Monarch
    - Green Monarch
    - Purple Monarchs

    Limited Edition Releases:
    - White Monarchs / White Gold Monarchs
    - NYSM 2 Monarchs
    - Gold Monarchs

    Special Variants:
    - Pre-Release Monarchs
    - Eleven Madison Park Monarchs
    - Private Variants (Special printings for private clients, never publicly available, no public info available)
  2. Thanks so much for this Lyle. I have seen that there are listed versions of a v1 and a v2 red Monarchs. Are you considering these two separate versions? I notice you have it listed as one release.

    Also, I would like to request an Artisans Fact Sheet next...I am trying to collect each different version by date.
  3. You will get all versions of each deck when I get to that deck - The Red Monarch page will show both V1 and V2, along with smaller details as applicable.

    Will add Artisans to my list.

    // L
  4. This is awesome! Like a lot of us, this is my dream set!

    The next best thing to owning them, is helping another to find as many as he can. Do you have any tips about finding the deck made exclusively for Eleven Madison Park? I just put a post up on the playing card forum and he’s scouring Reddit. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. I'd ask you the same thing - It is the one major variant that even I don't have. We never sold it on theory11.com, so it never made it into my hands.

    // L
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  6. I can totally understand! I’m slowly chipping away at a search for them. They aren’t even for me, I’m just helping another user because I can vicariously live through him lol. Just got the Green, OGs, and Red in my closet. I’ll have the rest one day :)

    Thanks L!
  7. Ok L, I know you’re prolly getting here but I wanted to ask a couple questions. I’m skipping over the original 144 unicorns and the deck made for EMP.

    OG Monarchs - Are there 1st and 2nd editions? I’ve seen one with a gold pull seam, but also another with no Gold pull seam, a different logo on the bottom of the tuck, AND the seal is actually “matte” vs the former’s “shiny” seal.

    Another variable: The Matte Seal, no gold pull seam. The opposing swords on the top of the tuck. I’ve seen one with both swords Gold, and one with 1 gold, and 1 silver sword. Mean anything?

    Green: Looks to be just one edition with newer logo colors n base of tuck and gold pull seam. Love these for Christmas time performances :)

    Red: 2 different versions. One with no gold pull seam and Older logo on base of tuck, the other with a gold pull seam and newer logo.

    White Gold: 2 versions, both with old logo on bottom of tuck and no gold pull seal. 1 has matte red seal, the other has shiny red seal.

    Gold: One version. Sexy af.
    NYSM2: One Version. Also sexy af.

    Silver: 1 version. Older logo on bottom of tuck and a matte red seal.

    So, the pattern I’m seeing is what I think are any 1st Edition will have an older logo on the bottom of the tuck, no Gold Pull Seam, and a matte seal; and 2nd Editions have Gold Pull Seals, newer logo on bottom of tuck, and “shiny” seals vs being matte. A few exceptions of course.

    I also get to wondering about the decks available in Targets and Barnes and Noble, if those are altered for those locations. I only ask because I recently observed Ellusionist’s Black Tigers that are sold in Walgreens are different then those sold through Ellusionist. I know you guys aren’t them and I do love you both dearly, but I’m just trying to see if there could be “alternate versions” created this way. Eg Walgreens Black tigers have no DBer, feature ad cards that double as coupons, and the red pull seal that says “Bicycle” over and over again. In addition to normal ad card and a DBer, the E direct deck has a smaller barcode on bottom of the deck and quite frankly feels of higher quality.

    I’ve really been trying my best to research these and it’s been a lot of fun! Thanks so much for reading my novel and I look forward to your reply! Thanks man!

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  8. You know, I’m sorry I asked all of that. This is before I read the posts about the fact sheets being worked on. Also read a lot about what you’ve already said to others too, learned a bunch. Looking forward to learning more :) Thanks!
  9. This is nice information. At one point I had all them except the special variants. They were stolen though, so now I'm rebuilding. I'm still looking for Silver, white gold, and gold.
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