T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

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    Hey everyone,

    I've seen a lot of questions lately about some of the older versions of our decks. I am guessing this is mostly coming from new collectors who want to get their hands on some of the variants that no longer are available for sale. It is cool that there is traffic out there for some of these older decks, but with that traffic comes LOTS and LOTS of completely bogus info. Things like:

    "There were only 27 decks printed!"
    "The early version has the seal a half inch to the right."
    "The original printing used a really bad stock, but the newer printings are on the best stock ever!"
    "That version used gold foil on the cards."

    For the theory11 decks you choose, I am going to dig out whatever factual information I can for you about those decks. Monarchs are a good example - there are MANY variants of Monarchs, and lots of conflicting information. I'll be creating a rock solid reference for you, essentially. I will edit this post with links for all of these posts as I complete them. Note: Per usual, I will not be discussing quantities printed unless theory11 has already released that information publicly.

    I've worked for theory11 for theory11 on staff since 2011, as a forum moderator for a couple years before that, and have been a form lurker/member since the beginning. If theory11 has a deck of cards, I either watched it release (in the first couple years) or I had a hand in actually bringing it to life. I was right there in the thick of things with the Pre-Release Monarch stuff, and have been personally pulling the levers for all of our deck printing for several years now.

    So, the big question. What theory11 decks do you want info on?

    // L

    The Monarch Collection

    - Monarch NYSM2 Edition
    - Monarch EMP Edition

    On the list for future fact sheets:
    Monarchs (Finish)
    White Centurion
    Artisan Black and White
    Steampunks (t11 Bronze, USPC Bronze, Silver, Gold)

    List of All theory11 Decks
  2. I was just about to post a question regarding the NYSM Silver & Black

    Can you confirm that there was only one of this type released?
  3. Also - will T11 look to release any other Monarch versions in the near future?
  4. Forgot to ask
    - how many of NYSM were released?
  5. I'll add these to my list. Depends on what you mean by "this type".

    // L
  6. Spoilers.

    We won't be providing any info on future decks here unless that deck has already been publicly announced.

    // L
  7. // L
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  8. Not so much a question focused on whether they'll be back or not but I really loved Propagandas. I was devastated when they never came back.

    I felt at the time that the border thickness and stock was different to other T11 decks and they just handled incredibly.

    What was the reasoning behind discontinuing them?

  9. Thanks

    I wasn’t aware whether T11 had or had not released any information in regards to this
  10. Do one on the white centurions deck. Would love to know more on this crazy one of a kind rare deck.
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  11. The Rebels!

    God, so sad I missed out on that one, I can't believe it never came back!
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  12. Brown Wynns and Stingers
  13. Still been waiting a reply regarding Red Victorians
  14. The summer mail chimp cards appear to be a unicorn deck
  15. Sold at target for $10
  16. I live in a country that doesn’t have Target
  17. Well try targets website or eBay has them for sale
  18. This is a fantastic initiative, Lyle. Many thanks for doing this - it will be terrific to have some reliable and factual information to refer to.

    Especially in relation to one example of misinformation you gave ("There were only 27 decks printed!"), I'd be interested in knowing something about the actual numbers for how many of your more popular decks were produced, eg Blue Monarchs, Red Monarchs, Green Monarchs, Nomads, Contraband, Citizens, NPH, Medallions, and Black Artisans.

    Or are these reprinted on a regular and ongoing basis?
  19. We do not typically release print quantities for our decks. That said, every deck you listed is still in print, and has been printed many, many times already.

    // L
  20. Is the NPH deck a limited run? Because on the tuck case it says "limited edition" but there's no indication of that anywhere else.

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