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  1. ive been noticing alot of what theory11 talks about in the context of magic tricks and stuff is using them to make you the "life of the party" and the "talk of your school" and they are absolutely right , magic does do those things for you , but one thing ive never seen talked about is things like how to approach people at school or a party and get them into watching magic , or what kind of magic trick is good to start off with when showing people magic in those settings and just general crowd management. People who are artists and work for this site are extremly experienced and im sure have experience in theese areas. If this gets to JB or someone like that , please consider taking about theese types of topics in a podcast. its just an idea i had that i think others coming to this site would benefit from.
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  2. I may be ding an episode on how to approach people on my channel soon. I'll post it here as soon as it is finished!
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  3. Ok
    If you need some questions appearance I can always chime in!
  4. I would also like to have something to help me with this. Everywhere I ask, people tell me that Guerilla Magic is not the best way to go, so what is? Especially since I'm not looking to busk, I'm doing this for experience. It is completely different from approaching stragers at school, or at a gathering, where Guerilla Magic actually seems normal. It is also completely different from when you are hanging out with people, because in that scenario you are actively talking with them.

    I can give you pointers for approaching people in a school and/or gathering environment though.

    But the Streets are something else. Honestly, I think I'm going to wait until I get the school year started, then go onto the streets and just straight up perform. I've gotten a ton of advice, and am ready to put it to use.
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  5. I can put in some advice also , not sure if id be the one to giv advice but i can
  6. Sweet!!! you guys rock!
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