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  1. So you are in a restaurant with your friends. You had no idea you were going to do magic today. You don't have any cards with you, no thumb tips, no loops, nothing. You have 1's in your pocket to pay for the meal. You sit down and you get your drink. Your friends ask you to perform magic, you want to be the magician so you have to do something.

    What would you do?


    You can borrow objects

    Nobody has a deck

    What your friends have on them:

    A pen
    Loose change

    Also keep in mind:

    The items at your table. Salt/pepper shaker, sugar packets, the menus, your drinks with straws in them, napkins.

    Ready, set, go.
  2. kinda pointless.
    sounds like a challenge,
    but this has been talked about.
    i would do the dissapearing salt shaker.
    joe blow
    and braided bill
    and spin ( or something like it)
    then metal bending with the forks i have.
  3. coin thru sugar packet...there´s is a nice version of it in HTDSM by Ellusionist
  4. Just wanted to make a fun little scenario thread to help folks think a little. My apologies you dislike the thread, sorry I'll do better next time :eek: I'll work harder to please just you. *much sarcasm*
  5. in no order, i would probably take a second and routine it better but your options are, straw up nose and such, Disappearing salt shaker with the napkin, torn and restored napkin, a tenkai pennies routine using the change, Recapped with the pen and son of recapped. and probably a little pick pocket routine with someone at the table involving coin on shoulder. Finish off with a nice napkin to paper rose for the prettiest lady at the table.

    id also throw in a strike vanish using the pen and change, you also have the option to do paper napkin balls over the head or a spongeball routine using them.
  6. I was sitting at applebee's with my girlfriend the other day and I was just thinking about it.

    And I just pulled out effects for her with just my surroundings.

    Some fun coin snatching
    Straw thru Straw
    3/4 coins across
    Recap revisited, only a few phases
    HOT by Nefesch (from his RIGHT NOW ebook)
  7. not pointless at all
    Makes people use their heads and expand beyond simply "oh I have my cards".
    Thinking is never pointless. though people avoid it.
  8. Ha. Easy!

    I would take a piece of napkin and ask them to think of a person's name and write it down.

    Acidus Novus that sucker and then perform Stigmata.

    I <3 STIGMATA!
  9. I would perform Encore from David Stone's Real Secrets of Magic vol. 2.
    It is a bottle production-kind of thing.
    You just need a napkin, a coin, and something to produce. If there is not a bottle at the table you can use a glass or actually any big object at the table.
    The shoe-production David does at the end of the routine could just be left out if you do not feel the situation is right for you to suddenly pull off your shoes :).
  10. Okay. There's serial number divinations with the bills, Spin with the pen (possibly the cutlery, depending), salt shaker through table, coin into sugar packet, billet work with the napkins, standard coin transpos and vanishes with the various coins, spectator drawing duplications (use the menus as vision screens), you could force a word from the menu and reveal that. Oh! You could predict which item on the table they'll 'freely' pick.

    Can't think of any more, but I think that would be more than enough. That was a fun exercise.
  11. A french drop coin vanish...is it a chinese restaurant? If it was I'd do endamae (that's a cooked soy bean I believe...for those of you who don't know).
  12. 'Spin' by Matt Sconce... so powerful their minds will be blown, and anything you could perform after that would be an insult! :)
  13. Prevaricator that's enough for a small act right there.

    Contact mind reading to get the whole meal for free.

    Billet work with the napkins.

    Maybe a few small hypnosis demos, just set pieces stiff arms etc.
  14. I would borrow the pen and use the salt or pepper shaker and perform "Spin" By: Matt Sconce
  15. Here is what "I" would do. Besides all of the BS. I would not do magic.
  16. Sorry but, umm am i the only one who actually goes to a restaurant to eat?
    Why do most think that you have to be ready all the time, everywhere. When i go out i intentionally leave my deck behind since magic is not the way to gain credibility or trust. Its probably going to be, "hey hey, magicbrain show me a no brainer".

    Enjoy your lives while they are still non complicated. Perform when you can but there are places where it just wont pay off.

    So, don't leave your social lives at hold and scream "look, i can doez magicksss, comez zees whatz i dues!" everywhere you go. My last girlfriend didn't know i was a magician until i said i have a gig im going to this saturday, 2 months after we started dating.

  17. For the love of cheez dippers Mr.MadMan, IT WAS JUST AN "EXERCISE", it was a brainstorm! Stop ruining the fun, no one said that they would do this kind of stuff everytime they went out to eat.
    People just told what you COULD perform IF you were to do it, with the objects mentioned.
    I think it was a great idea to remind me (and probably others) of what you could do in such a situation.
    And it IS possible to do magic without cards, you know?
  18. this is obviously completely hypothetical.
    He is doing this to spark brain cells in people and make them think outside their own head(and for most,hands)
  19. I could vanish 1000 grains of sugar, salt shaker through table, Robert Neale has a trick based off of Rock Paper Scissors using sugar packets and objects on the table, more of a brain magic piece.

    Small coin work, vanishes and reproductions, have them end up under ketchup/salt shakers (or on top)...etc

    With a pen I could do the vanishing pen cap (if I'm seated in the right chair or stand up).

    Basic lapping techniques (anything can vanish!)

    With pen and napkins (or the paper around your silverware at nicer restaurants) I could write down other peoples thoughts. (one ahead principle, something similar).

    There is a sugar packet trick where you write 1-6 on 6 different packets and you divine which one will remain the longest if you eliminate any one that lands face-down (no number face up) that I might reach down into.

    It all depends.
  20. Penny or dime... Its my favourite trick to do at a table even though its so simple.

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