{t11} release :: PRESSURE by Daniel Garcia + Dan White

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  1. It started with our {a}nonymous hunt - a search to uncover the next theory11 artist, which concluded with Daniel Garcia formally announced as the newest theory11 artist. That was the build up. This is the PRESSURE.

    PRESSURE is an effect conceived by Daniel Garcia with additional insight and assistance from David Blaine magic producer Dan White at the {db} HQ in NYC in preparation for his Dive of Death television special.

    A borrowed cell phone is held in one hand - and a balloon is inflated. The cell phone visually penetrates inside of the balloon. It is shown, then given back to the spectator with the cell phone still inside.

    The result is a twisted hybrid of visual craziness: the borrowed cell phone is INSIDE of the balloon. The spectator removes it herself. There are no crazy gimmicks. Any cell phone. Any balloon. Nothing but magic.

    Want a chance to meet Daniel Garcia and Dan White in your hometown? Act NOW - order within the first 24 hours of release. Click here for complete contest details.

    > > PRESSURE :: by Daniel Garcia + Dan White
    > > PRESSURE :: Release Contest
    > > {A}nonymous :: Unveiled
  2. cool beans
  3. Awesomeness.
  4. Bought.

    Cheers, Tom
  5. Wow this looks phenomenal.
  6. sweet im going to wait till 3-4 am just because really.
  7. got the download. im excited!! :)
  8. so no 1 on 1 this week?
  9. Will the download work on any computer? for instance mine..A Windows Vista or do you need a Mac ?
  10. I am just stunned at how this effect looks.

    Just WOW!

  11. edit: nvm it works now
  12. I thought that the usual deal was, when there was a big release there was no 1on1.

    Cheers, Tom
  13. some people are never satisfied!! HAHAHA
  14. Awesome, no, really. It's a Balloon with a Cellphone inside. I honestly have to get this, lol.
  15. Nope -]]]]]]]]]]]]- * my improved word count.
  16. Will the download work on any computer? for instance mine..A Windows Vista or do you need a Mac ?

  17. Agreed.

  18. This looks freaking amazing. And it's completely impromptu...wow. You just need to know how it's done and you can do this anywhere....just wow
  19. It will work on any computer.

  20. WOW. Love this. DG, DW, you fried me with this. Downloading now.


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