T11 Round Table Discussion - Wayne Houchin

Sep 1, 2007
1) WHY do you do magic? (i.e. what does it mean to you)

2) If you didn't perform magic professionally, what else would you do, or want to do?

3) Is there any one effect that you would love to create, but haven't yet been able to make work as an effect?
Jan 21, 2008
Vero Beach FL
What influenced you to come up with the tricks that you have such as Stigmatal, Indecent, Sinful, Control and witch ones are your favorites and get the best reactions?
May 17, 2008
:My Questions:D:
1- Who was your greatest insperation in magic when you had just started off?
2- What are your favorite kind of cards to use when performing on the streets?
3- Did you eaver do a trick for someone when you were in high school that realy got you noticed as the guy who dose magic?

Those are my three questions hope I win:D

The Dark Angel

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Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
1. What is your middle name?

2. What was the last effect that you saw that fooled the crap out of you, and who was it by?

3. Of all the projects you have done here at theory11, which was the most memorable, and why?

Dec 13, 2007
1-How do you feel when you release a magic effect? (eg. there goes another one of my hard worked creations, i hope people get great reactions and that my trick helps people move up in the magic world, I hope this effect inspires people, Yay... another paycheck)

2-Do you create effects knowing (or with the notion) that you will one day you will sell them?

3-Out of all the things in this industry that you have done which was your favorite? (eg. creating and selling, consulting, having a show, performing on the street, performing at parties, etc.)
Sep 1, 2007
question 2.

Its a common assumption (or misinterperation) that many people get into magic to fill a gap or empty void in their life. Be it lack of social experience, or a needing of something more. My question is, did you get where you are today because you may have lacked other social skills. Be it lack of friends, or events in school etc?

As compared to if you had busy lives, obviously you wouldnt have practised as much.
Aug 31, 2007
1. What advice would you give to an aspiring magician who wants to create his own, original work (based on your own experience creating the effects you have)?
2. What inspired you to start performing on stage?
3. What aspect of a traditional street magic performance would you value most? (Ex: Misdirection, Spectator involvement, Comfortable Presentation, etc.)
Sep 3, 2007
1. Did you have a magician buddy when you were in high school or college?

2. If you could vanish any vegetable and have it reappear in your left pocket, what would it be?

3. If you had the chance to perform magic with another persons' voice for a day, whose voice would it be?
Sep 1, 2007
question 3.

Is there a trick that has already been invented that you banged your head on, wishing it was YOU that had though of it first? if so, which trick?
Sep 1, 2007
1. I was reading AoA vol.3 and Paul Harris talks about his process of creation in several stages, setting goals, listing knowns, listing unknowns, and connecting a line of thought. He also describes the magical place he goes to make new effects.

In a video in the media section, Lee Asher discusses innovation and creation as something that comes at a certain point when the magician cannot find everything he or she in other sources and in essence must therefore become their own source.

As a creator, how do you come up with ideas for tricks and how do you develop them? Do you start with concepts or with an ultimate effect you want to achieve? Have you come to the point that Asher describes as knowing that there are things that only you can achieve?

2. Vladimir Nabokov (author of such books as Lolita and Pale Fire) said "For me a work of fiction exists only insofar as it affords me what I shall bluntly call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy) is the norm. . . ."

In what ways do you see magic as "aesthetic bliss?"

3. Paul Harris uses a jello-mold. He says "Your primal state of consciousness is neutral and flowing. Then like jello, it takes on the shape of whatever 'idea mold' it is poured into. That shape gradually congeals into your world view, your 'permanent' reality. Our culture is a competition to see who can make the most appealing mold..and to promote it as the 'real mold' so you'll pour yourself into it. The moment of astonishment temporarily breaks the mold and sets intelligence free. Astonishment is the mold of no molds. Although I'm not sure if this still works if you add tiny marshmallows."

What is a metaphor that you might use to describe magic?
Nov 17, 2007
Submission #1: Do you practice flourishing too? If so, do you create your own flourishes? Favorite flourishes? Etc.
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Sep 1, 2007
Sydney, Australia
1. Which magicians had the most influence over your magic? How, and why?

2. What do you think is the mistake most young (or modern) magicians make in their performances?

3. Where do you go for inspiration for new effects? Do they just come? Do you go for a walk in the park with your beloved Dana? Do you read books and see if you can make the effects better? Please elaborate.
Sep 4, 2007
1) Wayne, what would it be like, if YOU And DANA switched. You are the camera man, music person, etc. And Dana is the magician-creator. ?
Apr 25, 2008
1. what is the purpose of preforming magic for people to you?
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