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  1. Ever dream of setting or breaking a world record? Tonight, we give you that chance. This week's Saturday Night Contest was inspired by a thread from Alfie Whattam, posted in our forums earlier this week.

    Your goal tonight is to film a video of you utilizing an object or skill relating to magic and/or cardistry to set a new world record - or, likewise, to break an already existing record. You are, of course, not limited to playing cards - anything may be used, so long as it is loosely related to magic in some form. Some examples: The most Sybil's performed in one minute, largest object used to perform Pressure, the most Charlier cuts done in 30 seconds, the most coins held on the tip of your index finger at one time; the record is limited only by your imagination.

    Note that the quality and production of the video itself is irrelevant to the judging process. We're looking for the most interesting record breaking attempt; nothing more. All submissions should be uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Drop.io and posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST for judging by our team.

    The winner tonight will receive an unparalleled prize pack - one deck of Brown Wynn's (extremely rare) signed by Jason England, along with his latest 1-on-1 training video on the Classic Pass. May the best man win!
  2. This will be interesting.....
  3. I'll have a few cards selected and returned to the pack, then set the record for most cards not found :D
  4. can we do more than one?
  5. didnt they do this a while ago?
    and jack won for doing the werm or soemthin.
    or was that how much in a minute. close enough
  6. I'm gonna post mine last so no one steals my idea. And a hint for you guys. You'll break a record, if one has never been set for it. Lol.
  7. For the sake of judging, please limit your submissions to one entry per participant. Make it count! ;)
  8. i have no ideas!
  9. Me either, I was going to try to stack a bunch of cards on my forehead, but I could only do five...
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  11. Just a note that you are obviously free to use any of the examples we provided you with in the original post (should you be unable to think of anything else). Looking forward to seeing what you guys got! :)
  12. yo,
    threw this down in a couple a minutes, most Cascade Controls in a minute. 14...woot.


    Please note that because of the time limit, I rushed the **** outta the control. You can see a lot of the ones I execute are sloppy as hell, and I apologize for that. I could make them a lot smoother, but for sake of the record theme, I just went with a one take how many can I get...that being said, you can see a legitamate performance of my CC here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRzBc2NdJLo

    crap bao is entering...k I lose...
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    Hey Zack, you can always refilm and try again, you have 1 hour and 7 minutes left. The furthest I've gone was 38, but that's how many I have total, so I couldn't go more than that. And to have it be a world record has to be held for a legit 5 seconds after everything is placed on, just for future reference.

    Here's the video if you are interested of me going to 38:

    It is the world record for the most decks held in 1 hand by a 14 year old to be exact....not in general!


    I can't do anything else because I can't think of anything. I don't have many coins, decks, ect. Even though the prize is freaking amazing, I don't think I will officially enter. But If I cant have anything posted by 11 tonight, there you go!


  14. Zac's World Record (The Pressure Is On...)


    The quality should get better when it's done processing. It's been a long time since I did one of these and thought it would be fun.

    - Zac Eckstein
  15. Nice job Zac! Good luck to other entries tonight!
  16. Here's mine:

    Please watch it on my channel, where the audio isn't disabled.

    This is the record for most cardinis in one minute, most card changes in one minute, and the hardest way to turn over a deck of cards - in one minute. =)
  17. Thanks man, you too! I was just watching yours and was actually at the edge of my seat to see if you could do it, GREATNESS!

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