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  1. To whom it may concern,

    Will Theory11 ever introduce some of the newer decks or increase the number of decks sold with Barnes and Noble? They are the only store here in New Jersey that I know of that has T11 decks in a physical, brick and mortar store. Unless of course there are others I am unaware of here in Jersey.

    Granted this may be private information between T11 and the Barnes and Noble Corp., but I am still curious.

  2. I believe B&N only sells the more popular decks because I think most people buy from T11 so they can get the points. Here in Tennessee B&N is the only place that sells them.
  3. Here in Alabama, I've never noticed t11 decks in Barnes and Nobles. The only place I've noticed that sells them is books a million.

    And those are the very few. Only like 2 and they are the most popular ones. And I don't know enough people in Alabama who will pay $10 for cards, so they would probably not gain a prophet,so I doubt it'll happen. But idk when it comes to buying and selling in a book store.
  4. I just remembered I found Arch Angels and Guardians at Books a Million. But like I said, most people buy from T11 just because ,and so they get points.
  5. I live in New Jersey and Barnes and Noble only carries Monarchs, Guardians, the Artisan decks, and maybe the Animal Kingdom deck. Other than that, nothing new.
  6. The Barnes & Nobles in California carries Monarchs, Artisans, Contrabands, Blue Tycoons, Animal Kingdom, Union, Citizen, Medallions, DeckONE, Guardians, Arch Angels, and Steampunk. They don't restock very often and from what I've seen they have more decks of Monarchs and Animal Kingdom while I've only seen them carry 1 of the others. So to answer your question, yes they do carry some of the newer ones but not the newest ones as I have not seen Nationals yet.
  7. B&N carries a selection of our most popular cards (^this is basically the current list). The list does not change often, buy it is updated occasionally. You will see some new items there soon!

    // L

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