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  1. Ello kittens, whatta think?
    ( watch in HD loves..looks better )
    A off the beat , a kinda "Hey I just did a magic trick..wanna see something else cool : D ? "
    The magician shows the hands 100% empty ( because they are ) and points at the tabs on the box of cards. You then rip off one of the tabs clearly and then just as easy you fuse the tab and box back together again..a moment of pure happiness. Everything can be examined.
    No sticky stuff
    No Glue
    No tape
    No Rubber cement

    Heres my channel, every trick you see is a original creation myself. P-p-peace
  2. Ok. So you've created a method to rip the tab off a box and restore it. Im trying to think of why a magician would do this.If, as you say, it is to be performed after a magic trick as something else cool, you would have to do a pretty weak magic trick or i can only see this being an anti-climax. There should be some reason, all i can think of would be to use it in a torn and restore routine, where you are trying to make the point that you can fix anything, and proceed to ripping the tab, then a full card, then a beer matt, then a newspaper, or something like that. I really cant think of any other time anyone would do this, there is no reason. Can you offer any further ideas? Have you performed this for laymen?

  3. Its not a stand alone trick, but its to add to your performance. Like a fire wallet, btw here is something cool *Bam* . I have done it for laymen after my "routine" and before I leave I just do Tab , it just something to tie everything together. Like a period at the end of a sentence.( No pun attended ) Just a easy awesome clean little trick.
  4. You couldn't find anyone to perform the trick for while you were at downtown disney? ;)

    Nice effect, though I don't see myself using it I'm sure it will be appealing to some. I can see one way it's done, but the hands aren't totally clean in my version at the beginning. Do you live in the Orlando area or are you just visiting? There are occasional meetups of magicians of all kinds in the area if you are in to that stuff.
  5. Just to let you know, Jay Sankey published a trick called Evidence on his Hardcore DVD which included a torn and restored card box tab. I presume the methods are the same because there isn't really any other way to do a torn and restored tab effect...
  6. Yea the Jam sessions are at the Magic Estate. I live there, home of a few magicians including Jeff Kaylor we have them every month or so if anyone is ever down here in orlando come check it out. Amazinnnngg stuff goes down.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing! The method seems obvious after watching Hardcore. If the method is not the same as in Hardcore, I'm fooled. The fact that you show you're hands empty is nice, though.
  8. You could show your hands empty before doing the one in Hardcore too, if you wanted. Anyhow, I was thinking the methods are probably pretty similar.
  9. I would try to find a way to "accidentally" tear off the tab after a trick or something.

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