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  1. Probably the greatest piece of magic since the dawn of time is finally released... A mistake I made was using a white tic tac for instruction, as you'll see why when you purchase, but everything should be pretty clear aside from the blending of color, due to the choice of tic tac. I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

  2. Awesome effect ! I have a question , is there a set-up ?? if there is , how long is it ??
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    Two to three seconds. Depending on how many tic tacs are in your box... you might have to eat a few or come up with a way to get rid of them without looking like an idiot.
  4. Hmm, after purchasing the "And all will be consumed" I came up with a method of doing a tic tac through box penetration that's also gimmickless and looks practically the same as Tacky and it utilizes a concept that Christopher teaches on his DVD.
    A Buck is not a lot, but still, I would be disappointed if I bought this and realized that you just applied his concept to a tic-tac box and then decided to sell it.

    So, if you own the DVD, can you confirm that your method is different and (preferably) more practical?
  5. I actually do not own the "And all will be consumed" dvd. But to my knowledge, the method I use is strictly for tic tac boxes. If I am recycling the concept used in Christopher's work, I will accept my mistake. But I am pretty darn sure the two have nothing in common. Due to what the method is. It's pretty apparent this can't be done with a bottle.
  6. there are some issues in regards to adding this to the cart. Trying to get that fixed now.
  7. If it can't be done with a bottle, it can't be done with a bottle, so your method must be different.

  8. as far as my research and the research of others goes, this is pretty original. the performance within the video is much better, for what it's worth, but that does you no good before you spend a whole dollar on it. not even!
  9. Still can't add to cart :(
  10. Waiting on a response. I apologize.
  11. The problems should be fixed now. Please don't hesitate to buy now!
  12. Tacky is currently being offered for Free, until further notice.

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