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  1. The first word that comes to mind for this DVD is BRILLIANT…

    The reason that I say Brilliant is because when your reveal is on the spectators arm without them knowing how it got there that is magical.

    What is on the DVD…? Let’s start.

    Beginning with the live performances as Rich hits the streets tagging spectators and creating magic. The live performances are a must see as they assist Rich with the instructions that he will later give and should be watched over and over to get the full effect of the DVD. You will see how he manages the spectators and builds up for the reveal. This is fantastic magic and well worth the price of the DVD.

    Now for the teaching of the material that was performed live.

    Rich is a energetic instructor who I was wondering if he was going to be hop out of his chair. Rich was also a good instructor that covered all of the details.

    Tagged – Rich goes over how to create the gimmick used to Tag someone. The gimmick is inexpensive to make and the material is easy to find at most hobby stores. He teaches several different ways to create the gimmick and goes over each detail. He also teaches how to tag someone.

    Pay attention to this part here…. Tagging someone isn’t something that you will know how to do without practicing. There is a psychology behind tagging someone that will take practice and there is a learning curve. The moves are natural and no one will suspect anything. Don’t get it today and try to tag someone tomorrow because if you mess up then you only have yourself to blame.

    Book tests

    There are several methods taught for the book test and each is taught very well. If I told you the names of the methods taught I would be giving you too many clues about how to do them. But they do work as a stand alone effect without tagging someone or you will be able to spin off your own effects for your routines with these methods.

    You can purchase your books anywhere… they aren’t gimmicked books.

    Card Forces

    There are two card forces taught but you are free to use the card force that you are comfortable with. Now after the card forces are taught Rich shows a different side of himself. He also goes over some ideas for performing Tagged as an ending for an ACR. Now I don’t want to spoil what he teaches but it is brilliant and bold.

    Rich also goes over audience management and reveals. Now this is the most important part of the DVD. How to manage the spectators so that the reveals are slowly built up so that they are amazed and not just shown the reveal. This material is something that needs audience management and Rich covers different problems that he has encountered over the years and explains some audience management skills that will assist you in creating a magical moment for them.

    The audience management part is so important and I found myself watching over and over then watching the live performances just to see he manage the spectators. I highly recommend doing that as it will assist in teaching you how to manage the spectators and how to perform Tagged.

    Well worth the money.

    Full disclosure - I was sent a pre-release copy so I could review it. But when I review something I give my honest opinion and thoughts and the Team knew that before I got my copy.
  2. sweet sounds promising
  3. on a scale from one to ten how hard is it to tag someone? also, can you tag people in places that are covered? like under their shirt as example, sorry for double post
  4. It is kind of hard to put tagging someone on a scale but all of the moves are perfectly natural so it shouldn't be hard. Also a lot depends on you and your performing style and how comfortable you are with your spectator.

    Rich does cover how to tag someone with long sleeves and other places.
  5. how'd u get it so fast?
  6. I was sent a pre-release copy.
  7. Tagged Review-Matt Sconce

    Matt Sconce Reviews "Tagged-by Rich Ferguson"

    This effect is one of the most powerful things you can ever do to a spectator.

    Almost nothing compares to the wonder and absolute insanity that occurs when a spectator sees a word they believe is their free choice written inexplicably on their body. This DVD teaches you to perform absolute miracles...

    From the moment I pressed play on my download, I had high expectations.

    Several months back I had discovered a method independently to tag people and had recieved the best reactions I have ever received from magic with it. I had moved toward marketing and discovered Rich Ferguson was already tagging and was moving toward marketing with E. I called him and discovered that it was his baby long before I figured out a way to do it so I backed off of the marketing and patiently waited for its release. I was excited to see what gems he would teach and learn from his experience. I was not dissapointed.

    Rich is different from many magicians. He started by telling about his rough childhood, describing why he is the magician he is today. That helped me connect to him as a person and respect where he has come even more.

    The quality of the video is wonderful of course as E has a great production team.

    The material is well explained. Rich throws in little kernels of wisdom throughout the DVD, so it pays to watch each minute. Speaking of minutes. This is 2 hours long!!! It is amazing to get that much quality from one DVD. The reason is that Rich not only teaches how to tag someone with several different methods, he also teaches the whys, the what ifs, and other powerful book tests and mentalism to use with the tagging method, or by themselves.

    Tagging someone at first is a scary thing. You think you will be caught. You are sweating and freaking out. Don't worry, Rich covers what to do to practice before you ever have to Tag someone in the real world.

    I am a Magic creator myself with "Power Word: Fall" and now "Mage Touch" to my list of creations. I understand what it takes to release something you prize, and that helped make your reputation. You feel a mixed set of emotions. You are happy to release it but at the same time, you are trusting your best secrets to the world. I am amazed Rich let this one out of the bag. It is absolutely reputation making, powerful, and fun.

    I recommend this DVD and anything from Rich Ferguson 110%. This is a must have. You must buy this DVD. Don't wait, or you will miss valuable tagging time. :) Rich has hit a home run with this, and it is easy to see why it has made his reputation what it is today.

    I give it my best recommendation. -Matt Sconce
  8. Is the gimmick big or pocket size?
  9. Pocket size.

    Matt - Nice review.
  10. Little note on this product. Tagging is not the big part of this. It is the psychology of it all. The effects he teaches are fantastic.

    This is what a spectator will remember from one of the effects.

    "He had me pick a book. I turned to a page, picked a word, and never told him. I then watched as he thought hard, pointed to my arm, and the word materialized on my arm! He never touched me, and could have never figured out what word I silently chose."

    Of course, this is not what actually happens, but the psychology taught, the impossible effects, and the icing on the cake (aka Tagging) all add up to one of the most powerful effects you have ever seen. Here is how it works. You have two halves of your brain. One will process more physical parts of an effect, one will process more logical parts of an effect. Tagged causes two impossible things, one more physically mystifying, one more logically mystifying, to climax at the same moment. Your brain sees two anomalies and immediately tries to process how it was done. One side goes "How in the world did that mark get on me? He never touched me!" while the other side goes "How in the world does that mark say the very word I was thinking?" You need both halves of your brain to process each illusion, but because they are both occupied at the same time by different things your brain literally smashes into a brick wall at 200mph. Your thought process halts and your brain begins to spasm.

    Spectators are speechless. They don't know whether to laugh or cry, ask how it was done or run screaming, kiss you or curl up in a ball and die. They just don't know how to react. The things they do after the effect are the most awkward they will ever do. Spectators loose their social graces and begin to act purely on natural instinct because their brains have just been somewhat violated. It is priceless.

    About tagging - Deceptively simple, but at the same time, as far as your spectator will ever know, you never once touched them. It is easy to do, so long as you understand the psychology of it. On that same note, Tagging is a useless activity unless it is applied to an effect with skill. If you buy it to just learn how to tag, you will be very disappointed, but if you are looking for something to greatly enhance your magic, this is it. This will take you to a new level.
  11. How is the writing on the arm removed? Can it only be removed like ink from a normal pen by using water so the spectator wouldn't suspect anything?
  12. They can simply wash it off with a wet paper towel.
  13. Is the method practical? That's what I worry about most. It just seems too good to be true. Good review anyway.
  14. Very practical you can instantly walk up and tag somebody.
  15. Can you tag someone anywhere on their body and not just on their arm? Can you tag someone under sleeves?
  16. No. You cannot tag a part of their body that is not exposed. If they're wearing long sleeves and you performed the method, you would tag their clothes. Similarly, you can't tag their body if it is clothed.
  17. Can the tag be any size,font or colour?
  18. I'm sure it could be in different sizes, it definitely can be in different colours, and it's likely you could make it in different fonts - though I wouldn't bank on being able to choose the exact font you wanted.
  19. Thanks. Could you make the writing look natural like normal handwriting?
  20. Technically, I suppose it could be possible, but I wouldn't bet on it. Your best bet would be to try and have part of the gimmick custom made, but if you could do that, it'd be very expensive.

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