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Taking a break form magic

Hey guys i am taking a little break form magic and flourishing to presue art more and focus on school a little bit more so i have decided to sell off some of the magic stuff that sits in my closet like

A used True astonishments DVD set for $210 free shipping

D Splay frame by dan and dave with CEasars palace deck $60 free ship
Come on man, you know better than to post this crap! Magicial hiatis or not that's no excuse to shove your head up your arse.

1) Ebay.
2) Craigs List

NOT Theory11 forums. I expected better of you.

As an additional thought: Why not hold onto your DVDs and magic stuff? Magic is a skill set that will be with you your entire life. You may eventually want to come back to it sometime.

If you need a quick buck, go busk on a street corner for a few hours, or better yet donate blood. You'll actually be helping someone else that way.
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