Talent Show Help!

Jul 31, 2015
Hello guys I just wanted some advice on a talent show coming up on Oct 27th the winner get $250

I am a card, closeup, and mentalism kinda guy about 3 yrs exp

I have about 20 mins to perform I was thinking since i be doing this in front of a relatively large audience (it's at a restraunt) I would just do some mentlaism so it would b easier and no one would b missing out

I was thinking of doin the following tricks

Celebrity Baby Gag by Devin Knight
4th dimension by Bob Cassidy

Jus wanted some advice on this routine and some dos and donts

Thanks guys!


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Aug 31, 2007
Just looking at the delux baby Gag. -it's really funny. But I feel there needs to be a payoff. I feel like you actually need to predict a celebrity. It felt anti-climactic that there was no actual prediction in the envelope. Maybe consider using a forc epad to make them choose a name that's in the envelope. I'm not familiar with the second routine, but I would hope it allows you to follow the celebrity reveal well. If not, I would find some way to reveal the first celebrity, and then 'take it a step further' with the second routine.
Jul 31, 2015
I was told 20 mins jus for me I have no idea how many people are in it
But yea Thts exactly how I'm doin the baby gag trick with The force pad n the celebrity picture kicker And 4 demension is 3 ppl think of a person or place n I read each of their minds. Lik a 3 ahead principle but bob Cassidy style
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