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  1. Hello, I'm planning to perform a mentalism trick for an upcoming talent show. I'll be doing the trick where an audience member picks a random dollar bill and then I use cards to predict the serial number on the bill. For the finale, I really wanna try doing something with my Instagram like what Dan White did on Jimmy Fallon.

    My idea is to post several pictures on my Instagram once a day of me holding a number about a week before the show and then during my performance, I ask everyone to go on their phones and find my Instagram to see that the pictures correspond to the serial number. Or I could put all the numbers on a piece of paper and take just one picture for Instagram. Is this a good idea? Please feel free to suggest anything else.
  2. I think that the Instagram reveal hints at the method. If you knew what it was ahead of time, the audience will question the fairness of the selection of the bill. I would use cards that you write the numbers on during the effect. Put them down where the audience can see them and the person holding the bill cannot. Have the person read off the numbers. Have two of the numbers reversed 24 instead of 42 and have one of the numbers be a 6 instead of a 9 (it is upside down). In mentalism, less is more.
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  3. Hi RealityOne, can you explain this more in detail? Do you mean write the serial number in advance on blank cards? Also, why reverse the numbers?

    Here's the method I've done before, which I've done twice.

    I give a sealed letter to an audience member. I have the spectator choose a dollar bill. Then, I have a deck of cards for them to cut themselves. After cutting, they deal out the top 8 cards and they're revealed to be the serial number of the dollar. Then, I have the audience member open the letter to reveal a piece of paper with the serial number written. But instead of the letter, I wanted to try the Instagram idea.
  4. I pretty much pre-plan everything to execute the effect.
  5. I wish you wouldn't because I believe Magicians should lead themselves, instead of following other Magicians paths.

    No, this is not a good idea. Find a creative way to post just ONE picture with ONLY the letters from the serial number from the bill, instead.

    You reverse the numbers because being "psychic" takes extreme mental effort. You somehow receive visions about possible future events, but don't win the lotto. What I mean is some magicians believe that having partial hits makes you more believable, than if you were perfect .
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  6. Joe:

    My presentation would have you writing the numbers of the bill on large index cards as the spectator is thinking of them.

    My presentation is mentalism and yours is mental magic. The difference is that yours leaves the audience thinking "that was a really cool bunch of coincidences, the magician must have done something to make that happen" while mine leaves them thinking "did he really read the volunteers mind"? In mentalism, less is more. In mental magic, like regular magic, the question is whether more adds or detracts from the effect. My sense is that a "I knew it all the time reveal" at the end weakens the effect.

    My suggestion is to put the first letter and first number and last letter and last number on instagram. Start with that and use the cards to fill in the middle.
  7. Would it be okay to write the numbers on a large notepad, instead, considering I don't have large enough index cards?

    Oh I see what you mean, like it's better to "read their mind" on the spot.

    As for the Instagram idea, could I maybe put just the letters on Instagram and reveal those last after revealing the numbers written, or vice versa (numbers on Instagram and write the letters)? I will also most likely consider the reverse option you mentioned.
  8. That works fine.
    You have the numbers written down and turn them over as the spectator reads them. In the middle of the numbers, reverse two digits and figure out that it should be 42 instead of 24. At the end, the list digit is a 9 but you have a six. It looks like you have failed. You have one more sheet of notepad where you have your instagram. Have a photo of turning the 6 to a 9.
  9. Okay, I understand now. Thank you.
  10. Hey there what's going on I would just like to add if you don't mind a huge part of leaving an impact is presentation. Knowing the trick, great, but knowing how to have people enjoying the trick building them up to the final WOW, moment. Honestly I can watch two routines one guy doing incredible slides but not really with any patter, and another with a lot more simpler moves but his show could be ten times more enjoyable because I like this presentation and how he made you feel into it the whole time. I believe with performing magic I would say 70 to 80% of it is how you present it and yourself just be yourself don't try to be anybody else you'll find you'r Groove, the best of luck to you and please let us know how you make out. - Ry
  11. Hi everyone,

    The performance was great! Everyone was really shocked, especially at the Instagram reveal. The serial number had 96 in it so I reversed them to 69 to get some laughs since they'd be opposites upside down. Along with the reactions, a lot of people also said it was really funny as I did a few improv jokes during some awkward silence parts. Overall, everyone loved it and my friend said it was really smooth. Thank you so much RealityOne and ID4 for your help! I'll remember this for future performances.

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