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    I knew that there would be a shipping delay when I made my order the Friday of that promotion; I was fine with that. I wasn't thrilled it took till Wednesday, but I was still excited to get my White Monarch Uncut sheet and deck. But I noticed something odd when I got sent my tracking number (I did pay for faster UPS shipping), the number said they had printed a label, but that UPS was waiting for the package.

    I gave T11 the benefit of the doubt, and just sat back and waited. I had also ordered a Bee Stinger deck last Wednesday, and its tracking number (granted it was just USPS) wasn't working either. Well imagine my surprise when that package arrived today, and still no sign or update on the more important package. So I of course shot off an e-mail to T11 support, hoping it was just a tracking number issue.

    Well that was noon or so, and I've been anxiously awaiting a response. Well I decided to just check the tracking number again, just to see if maybe it has arrived at home, you never know. And to my surprise, I see it has updated; It just (as in the past 20 minutes) got picked up by UPS.

    Still no e-mail from the Support team with a reason or anything as to why this happened. Honestly I just needed to vent, and figured I'd do it here. I was really hoping to get the package by today (Hence the upgraded shipping), and now I find out its just going out today. Doesn't inspire much faith from me in doing any more big orders with them.


    EDIT: Oh and I just looked it over again, missed the new delivery date. 7/10/2012... I was feeling better after ranting, but that got me right back to pissed again.
  2. How is this story not on CNN's top page?
  3. Bro, excause the language but it sounds like they royally screwed you.
  4. I tried getting them to run it, something about not being important? No idea what they are getting at.
  5. Yeah. I can see that someone is having a bit of a problem with the lack of instant gratification. I understand that you payed more to receive your package sooner, but I'm sure that you will receive your package much faster than most people that ordered with regular shipping. You need to understand that Theory11's servers crashed TWICE for the White Monarch releases. The servers had been hugely beefed up, as well. With the big release that happened, and Theory11 giving away White Monarchs and Uncut Sheets, they had a crap ton of people hitting them up. They have to deal with everything in the warehouse plus all of the new products that had to be ordered to receive the White Monarch benefits. That is definitely a lot of stuff to handle, so try to be a little more thankful, rather than trying to vent your anger to a company that only tries to please its customers.

  6. well said!
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    Ok look, I was not looking for instant gratification, nor was I really mad or upset when it took till the Wednesday following the promotion to get the items shipped. I figured I would be lucky to get it by today, and was almost expecting to get it come Thursday. I've worked with smaller companies than this for years while I was in web design, I know how hard big promotions can be on smaller companies. My big problem right now is this: If I owned a company, and we screwed up like this, especially since we boast about quick shipping, I would have been on the phone with the customer the second we found out about the mistake. Its the lack of acknowledgement and communication that is more getting my goat right now.

    And before I end up hearing it, no I am not looking for anything out of this. I am not out to get anything free or refunded. I fell through the cracks, and I know that can happen. As I just said, I am more upset with the lack of communication, and was just ranting to rant.
  8. That's fine. As long as you understand. I do know that Theory11 has recently had a few glitches in their support system, but it has nothing to do with the people behind the machines. They are more than happy to help, and the lack of communication may not be anyone's fault but the computer's.

    Don't let one mistake allow you to generalize:
    "If I owned a company, and we screwed up like this, especially since we boast about quick shipping, I would have been on the phone with the customer the second we found out about the mistake."
    Ranting to rant can be done in a private journal or diary. You don't need to do that here. Especially when it makes you sound ungrateful and disrespectful.
  9. Hey hey guys,

    If you have a shipping issue, just zap us a message here -

    I personally run through nearly every single message, twice most days. If you don't hear from us right away, just hang on for a little while. In fact, I am not far from jumping in again to check messages. We will take care of any problems that you have with your purchase. If you don't hear from me or another member of the support team after a day, try again because we probably did not get your message.

    See you all soon!

    // L
  10. Ok before I heard of the promotion I was going to be spending about $100, the promotion just caused me to wait a day to do my order. I am grateful to get the White Monarch deck and uncut sheet, even said in the first post I was still excited about that. I would have done the order with or without the promotion. And I have not been disrespectful. There was no name calling, cussing, or anything to be disrespectful. I am voicing problems I have had, mainly to just get it out, but also hoping someone at Theory11 would take notice.

    I think I have been fairly calm so far all things considered. Remember, I gave them the benefit of the doubt for 6 days. But getting the package sent USPS before the other even ships, considering I did pay more, has gotten me a bit upset. I don't know if money isn't an issue to you, but I had to sacrifice a bit to make this order, so it is to me.
  11. Paper, Ease up buddy. I'm sure Lyle or customer support will get back to you now that you have "voiced" your shipping issue. I understand your frustration with paying more and it still taking awhile. I'm confident that support will take care of you.
  12. I mean you no personal disrespect. I don't know you. I am merely basing what I post on your primary thread topic, and I appreciate the civility, I do. I understand times are hard. I made the same purchase, and it was very difficult. I'm looking for a primary job, but I use magic to get by, so I totally understand being upset. However, I doubt that a week will really make a difference in your life. I may be entirely wrong, because, like I said, I don't know you. I'm just speaking from general experience.
  13. It doesn't sound like the wait is the point with paper, it was the paying extra for a shipping service that was going to be quicker and doesn't seem like it was worth the extra cash.

    I'm in the same boat paying extra for UPS and all mine is saying is a label has been created and it has said that since last weds also. It hasn't updated with a date or that it has even been picked up. The lesson learned is it isn't always worth the extra cash for faster service. It will get here when it gets here hopefully, I'm still stoked for the deck and the uncut sheet when it arrives.
  14. And another reason I made the post, its always nice to know your not the only one going through something xD

    I have talked with Lyle now, and honestly that is really all I was after. I think they should have informed everyone of what was going, it would have saved me from having to rant away on here :p
  15. "The sun is warm, the grass is green. Breath in, breath out..." - Mr. Miyagi
  16. The postal service and logistics are complicated, sometimes this happens. I ordered one of DnD's Dealers Dozen on Sunday, it's now Tuesday and it's still not been shipped. Nothing I/you can do about these things apart from sit back and wait.
  17. Paper, Welcome to Theory 11. Just a heads up, the forums are not the way to contact customer service (although because they are excellent, they will respond). In the future, any time you have any issues with the site or ordering or product issues, submit a support ticket. The forums are a great place to find assistance from the larger community about other things.

    Hope you enjoy the cards!
  18. Hahaa ... My order haven't even been shipped out of the warehouse ... It has been a month ... Due to some back ordered item . ...
  19. I am not siding with Theory11 or anything, but I think you have to understand the volume they must have been going through. Even though they anticipated that uncut sheets would last for 12 hours (or however the long they were expecting) were gone in 3 hours or less. That only speaks loud volume that they had to sort through.

    I didn't pay extra for the shipping, and also it took quite a while for it to ship. Because the delayed shipping date and me moving, things went funky. So I contacted support team, and Lyle had been nothing short of great customer service. I really appreciate him and T11 for trying to make things right. It wasn't fault of neither of us, but Lyle went to made sure everything was taken care of.

    It sucks that it happened, but you can't expect company of this size to send email to everyone about this. Am I happy that it happened? No. What I am happy about is that I know T11's support team will take care of things to make it right.

    Hope you receive your cards soon. Take it easy and enjoy life.

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