Tally Ho in T11 are Black Seal or Red/Blue seal?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by dreamkidz, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hello. I want to buy some tally ho from theory 11. But my friend say Black seal tally ho quality reduce a lot , better find Red/Blue seal tally ho.

    May I know Tally ho sell by T11 is it black seal?

  2. At least I got the red/blue sealed ones a few weeks ago.
  3. Apparently tally ho's from theory11 are from Ohio instead of Kentucky, which means they're awesome.
  4. The Tally Ho Playing Cards we sell here at theory11 have the Black Seal on them. I have quite a few of them, and they feel great!
  5. Black seal. I bought a mixed brick a little while ago and still haven't used them all yet. Even after I beat the crap out of them, have people with dirty hands handle them, drop them, spread them on dirty bar surfaces... They still fan like a dream. I just don't understand.
  6. Some say black and some say blue... I got the blue ones, but now I'm afraid of ordering again, because I don't want the black ones.
  7. Just to clarify this a bit, the color of the seal is meaningless. There is some truth to quality concerns with regard to a run of Tally's several months ago, but this has long since been resolved. When USPCC printed their first run of Tally's on their new presses in Kentucky, the calibration was a bit different than it was on the Cincinnati presses. This doesn't mean the cards were cheaper - it just means that the thickness of the paper, level of embossing, and finish was a bit different. Not cheaper, but different - and not in a good way. It has long since been corrected.

    I brought this issue up in a meeting with USPCC a few weeks ago. The decks in question were from several months ago. They have printed several runs of Tally's since that time, so the color of seal no longer has any significant correlation with quality level. With their new presses and super high-tech quality control mechanisms, they are producing decks now that are much higher quality than ever before. And it will only get better. It took a few months for them to get used to the new machines, but right now they're silky smooth.

    In any event, if you ever get a deck from theory11 that you believe does not exhibit the level of quality you expect, regardless of what color seal it is, contact us and we will always do our best to make it right. We take production quality very seriously and will either send you a replacement deck (if it's defective) or make sure any concerns are addressed directly at USPCC.
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  8. For what it's worth I got some black seal tally's from t11 and I'm definitely happy with them.

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