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  1. I want to order some cards for practice/performance. So what I want to do is buy a brick of cards. The Obvious choice would be a brick of bikes, right? Well here is the catch. They also have a brick of Tally Ho’s for the same price. So the question is. Which should I buy?
  2. Which ones have you used before?
  3. I have only used Bikes
  4. Well I have never seen Tally Ho cards in person so I can't say to get those also wouldn't want you to spend money on a brick when you may not like the cards. Just from pics and vids both of Tally Ho's back designs bug me I just don't like them

    Advice I'd give would be find out which deck feels and handles best for you before spending money on a brick unless its like super cheap
  5. Well that’s what I wanted to ask on this post. What handles better?
  6. That's subjective each person likes different things. Anyway I'm sorry I misunderstood the meaning of your original question and that I couldn't help
  7. No it’s my fault that i didn’t include that the main question was which handles better.
  8. It's been a while since I used either of those much. Back in the day (30 years ago) I liked Tally Ho better but I think there was a larger difference then. Now I just notice that with either one I miss using Aristocrats. Get a deck of those to go along with whichever you choose for comparison sake if you can. Cheaper than the premium decks but, for me, noticeably better handling.
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  9. Both are made on the same paper at USPCC - so the only "difference" is the design. USPCC cards have no consistency from print run to print run, so one deck of bikes (or Tally ho) will "handle" slightly different than the next.

    Ultimately we all break our decks in over time and they handle the way we want anyway. Always buy cards that YOU want.
    LIke jakee5 says there is no such thing as "which is better" we all like different things.

    How does this deck handle http://magicorthodoxy.weebly.com/magic-reviews/how-does-this-deck-handle

    What if it isn't a USPCC deck http://magicorthodoxy.weebly.com/magic-reviews/but-what-if-it-isnt-a-uspcc-deck

    Other factors to "handling" http://magicorthodoxy.weebly.com/magic-reviews/other-factors-in-card-handling
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  10. As a performer of 20 years I always go with Bicycles for gigs. The minute I introduce or try to introduce a fancy deck or a deck that people aren't familiar with...then at least one or two people start to question the validity of the deck.
    Just my two cents.
  11. This is why I like gold seals.
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  12. Neither, but out of those two Tally Ho's anytime
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  13. Totally this. I'll toss in a link to one of my own articles about this as well:

    Factors That Affect the Handling of a Deck

    Here's a recent thread that is also relevant.
  14. Tally-hos have felt significantly thicker and stiffer even though I have been told they're printed on the "crushed stock" which is supposed to make them thinner and softer. However over time the cards will definitely lose it's stiffness and would be much easier to handle. Also, tally-hos are used more for cardistry.
  15. This last piece of information is simply inaccurate - they are not printed on crushed stock.

    This used to be true, but I don't know if it's still the case. One reason Tally Ho decks were at one time popular with cardists was due to the circle-design on the backs. In today's marketplace there is an abundance of custom decks available, and that's what cardists tend to use instead. Bicycle and Tally Ho decks tend to be reserved more for practicing with and learning new moves.
  16. Well, that's what I heard.

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