Tally-Ho Vs. Centurions

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  1. Which do you like better Tally-Ho or Centurions?Im thinking about buying some but i havent had any expeirience with either so what do you think?
  2. Overall, I'd prefer Tallys. BUT. For performance, I think the Centurion backs look better. That may be just my style. Centurions handle well enough though - and don't forget a better finish won't make you a better magician - that they can be used in performance, where aesthetics can be important.
  3. Yeah, get the them from full boat dealer, if you see there that some tally ho's are more expensive, its because they are quality1 which means they ROCK more :)
  4. Centurions are more asthetically impressive. The design is cooler for magic, at least in my opinion. As for quality, Tally Ho's are better. They last longer and have a better finish.
  5. While Centurions look cool, they also look gaffed to specators. Any non regular deck of cards automatically falls under suspision. I was carry around one of the bicycle silver editions they sell at Target, and one of my friends walking by said "I bet there's a reason those cards are black ;) .: Not only that, but Tallys are so much better! They don't crimp easily, and when the do crimp they are much easier to get back to normal. Get some Q1 tallys from fullboatdealer on ebay.
  6. Any deck that's not their deck will raise a bit of suspicion to them. Just because you're using Bikes or Tallys doesn't mean you're safe.
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    I've only had two people ask in 18 months whether the deck was gimmicked. I don't buy the argument that different designs raise suspicion. In Australia, every design looks different. Every design looks equally different. Every design looks strange and special and unique and "custom" because there is no norm. So by your reasoning, every deck in Australia looks gaffed because they're all "non regular". And yet, I don't get asked about gaffed decks. Why's that? I'd recommend looking at your presentation and handling of the deck.
  8. I agree. I'm also from Australia and I get that too. I was at school playing with my cards. Not doing any tricks, just playing around and I was asked "Oh, is that one of those trick decks?"... I was like, "no".
  9. Uhh... The point of my post was that I don't get asked about that...
  10. I'd recommend Tally Ho's because they are thin and have a better finish.
  11. In my opinion I think Tally Ho's have horrid back designs so I would go with Centurions because I think they look way better. As for feel, Tally Ho's are better.
  12. Then get Split Spades - they're made on Tally Ho stock - apparently.
  13. Wow...really? Tallys have some of the best designs I know. Fan backs look awsome in...well fans! and circle backs are just plain awsome. I know a bunch of people who's favorite back design is the circle back! Also, it's different in the US with back design. Basically everyone buys bikes, they are sold everywhere.

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