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  1. Dear Readers,
    I don't own any tally ho decks but I really would like to get some. I don't know where I can buy a regular deck or two of these. I don't want to order it off the internet either. So where can I get some?

    Dylan P.

  2. Maybe your local magic shop would have some.

    If not, basically you will have to buy them online.
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    "buy it online"

    What would you do if you didn't have a computer? You wouldn't have most of your magic necessities, that's what.

    Think about how reliant one is on a computer, to which most have been accustomed.
  4. thats funny considering only people who have computers can see this
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    O....kay....? So how does this help Dylan P. to buy Tally-ho....? :confused:

    But well, you have to admit that computers (as well as internet) allow people of the world to unify into a single society and function together, which isn't entirely a bad thing.
  6. No offense but, how does THAT help him? And Dylan, try check out your local magic shop, maybe a Walgreens, they carry all kinds of deck, and even possibly Wal-Mart even though I highly doubt Wal-Mart would have them.


  7. go to Ellusionist.com
    playing cards
    normal decks
    you should now see tally hos

    I personally have bought them and they ROCK!!!! im sure youll love it too~
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    well, didn't I already suggest Dylan P. to ask his local magic store...? At least I was trying to help.

  9. Just buy from the internet. Try ebay or kardwell.
  10. ..:::New York:::..
  11. Huh?

    If you really want to get some Tallys, and you can't find them in any local shops, I'm sorry to say you'll probably have to buy them online. Ellusionist actually has decent prices, but shipping can get expensive. I'd suggest buying them from somewhere like Kardwell if you're interested in getting a lot.

    Amazon.com also has some excellent deals on playing cards. I bought half a brick of WPT Diamond Backs for less than 15 bucks. I'm not sure what they have on Tallys, but it never hurts to check.

    Tally-Ho's are probably some of the best cards ever made. Always remember, never buy them in red. It's against magician code. Well, my magician code.


  12. Unless your local magic shop doesn't stock them, or you don't have a local magic shop you'll have to buy them online. Plus you'll never get them cheaper in a regular store.

    For anyone that's interested, this guy's sellin bricks of Tally's for $18.50 USD

    Just picked up myself a brick from him last week!
  13. I meant, in New York, you can find them at convenience stores like CVS or Duane Read.

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