Tannen's Magic Camp

Oct 14, 2009
So is anyone going to Tannen's Magic Camp? This summer will be my first time going but I hear it's AWESOME!!! I'm really excited, so is there anyone here that's also going?

I also know its not too late to sign up if you want to go, which is pretty cool.

So who's going?
May 15, 2010
With Gerard Way
I got a thing about it at the castle meeting and I really want to go. I have only ever been to one other camp and frankly it sucked. I mean I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO RIDE THE GOOD HORSE!!!

Anyway…I might. I gotta see if it conflicts with anything that I have already said I'd be at. Hopefully not. I'll check right now. :)
Sep 11, 2007
Hi everyone,

Jeff is right, it is the best place on earth :) I've been there for almost 20 years, first as a student and then now as a counselor. I don't jump on this board a lot, but when it gets closer to the summer I start to look for things related to the camp. I've spent a long time there, so if anyone has any questions at all about it please don't hesitate to ask.


ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
I've heard nothing but great things about it. There's nothing more inspiring than being around other creative minds, so I am sure it will be awesome!
Sep 7, 2008
It's always a great time.

If you go, compete! I'm not personally competing this year (I did, though, for the last three years) and it's a great experience. You get a chance to perform in front of a large group, the advantage of getting critiqued by some of the best magicians, and then if you win you get some cool prizes. I encourage you to prepare, as some of the magicians come with crazy good acts.
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