Tarantula or master levitation system

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by goku, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering which I should get between The Master Levitation System or Tarantula. Which one do you guys think I should get? Price is always an object but I will just go for the one that is better.

    Also are they both good or bad?
    Is one better than the other?

  2. It's been asked a few times but my idea is to go with the MLS. I have owned both and the MLS is cheaper in many categories and you can do alot with it.

    I won't go into specifics but Tarantula just didn't play as well as the MLS.
  3. I'd say forget both of them and go with Guerilla Guide to Loops + PET 2.0 or
    Invisible Elastic Thread by Yigal Mesika (The Dispenser).

    Guerilla Guide to Loops: http://www.ellusionist.com/guerilla-guide-to-loops.html
    PET 2.0 + Million Dollar Loop: http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=855
    Invisible Elastic Thread (Dispenser): http://www.ellusionist.com/invisible-elastic-thread-by-yigal-mesika.html

    I have all 3, and that allows me to do tons of different kinds of effects, and I have a long, long lasting supply of invisible, eslastic thread.

    Again, this all depends on what kinds of effects you want to learn & perform. I think the knowledge from the 3 DVD set along with the good source of thread is a worthy investment of money.
  4. I bought the invisble elastic thread dispenser and the end got lost in a couple of days and I had to throw it away, so If you buy it, be extra careful.

    I was waiting for somebody to ask about the MLS and I hope somebody here can say more info about it because I´m also considering to buy the tarantula or the MLS
  5. I posted this thread on E and someone said MLS does not include a reel just the dvd. So I am not getting that Imight get tarantula what do you guys think?
  6. Just buy a reel, honestly the Tarantula isn't bad or anything but the MLS teaches everything the tarantula does but even more.

    If you want the full levitation effect then get MLS and get a cool reel, there are plenty of them out there. They cost 20 or less and it's very very easy to find some good ones.

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