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  1. Yo this is my review for Tattoo Joe.

    DVD: The DVD is great, nice quailty and awsome editing. 9/10

    Gimmick: The gimmick is really simple. Its on of those ''I wish I thought of this'' gimmicks. Many gimmicks are included with the DVD. But if you run out they are really easy to find and make more. Each gimmick can hold two tattoos. 10/10

    Teaching: Joe goes over how to make different Tattoos (Blood fingers, Card Prediction x 2, random images, kiss). He also teaches you how to make a Tattoo Joe easel. 10/10

    Effect: The effect it self is very very cool, just imagine making Anything appear on your arm then make it dissapear and ending clean with no sleeves. Becouse of it being so easy to perform you have lots of room for presentation. It can be adopted into every genre of magic. 10/10

    Overall: This effect is amazing, it looks soo cool. Its super easy. I would RECOMMEND this to any one who does magic. 10/10


  2. This is one of the effects that im excited about (besides Exile.)

    Im not too keen on the gimmick, im really Hesitant. Though ive read the reviews- and all seem great.

    Just a lot of hesitation really. either way im buying it once i get the money.
  3. its a really good effect, trust me , you will like it
  4. how small is the gimmick? ala raven ?
  5. This is a great trick and Sinful 07, I don't know how big the raven is but I have a feeling the Tattoo Joe gimmick is bigger. The gimmick doesn't really work for me unfortunately, but that can and will be fixed.
  6. Wow got this in the mail just now, watched the DVD, tried out the gimmicks and heres what i think (first impressions)

    Price $34.95 at the astonishment project, which had super fast shipping. To Canada in 6 days for under 5 bucks!

    What you get
    The full kit! DVD, gimmicks, and everything you need to make "tattoos" all packed in a black plastic bag. You do need to make one thing, but is very easy and should cost next to nothing.

    The dvd is very good! Joe goes over everything very well and the DVD is halarious! Random, funny jokes, titles, just a very entertaining DVD. It is also taught well, nothing is left out and is around 30 min.

    The gimmick
    You get 6 gimmicks.... It can be bought at walmart if you need more! It may not be perfect for you so you may have to buy difdferent ones. This is pretty good for me so i think i will stick with it.

    This is easy! Should be practised for maybe a week to get good. Farily easy.

    Clothing requirements
    This is best done with a jacket (like used in the demo) but can be done in short sleeves. I think it is best done with a jacket, or something without elasticy sleeves.

    The Method
    Well the method is fairly simple but ingenious. I had no idea until someone told me and made me kick myself! Why didnt i think of that. But still the DVD went over some things i would of never thought of.

    "Overall I like this and will use this. Very easy to do, very cool in method, the dvd is halarious and overall a good buy" (feel free to use that as a quote for tattoo joe LOL)

    But really this is in the running for top trick of the year imo! He even makes a joke about revealing it on youtube, but youll have to buy it to find out! If i missed anything or have any questions feel free to ask.
  7. I'm eagerly awaiting my shipment of Tattoo Joe. While I wait... Can this be used in conjunction with a tattoo that I already have? For example... If I had a dagger tattoo, could I make a card tattoo appear to have been stabbed by said dagger tattoo? Just letting my wheels turn ahead of time...

  8. WHAO thats a madd idea! That would work too.

  9. Take it if you want. I'd never get a dagger tattoo, but was just throwing around some ideas. Thought a card stab ala tattoo would look pretty cool. Now, my mind is going to go crazy, thanx for the quick response. There goes any hope of sleep tonight.

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    you could do stigmata and then turn the red black.
    Or maybe you could have a "voodoo doll" kind thing, or maybe you could "throw" a coin against your arm and then you rub your arm and bam you have the coin "under" your skin.
    Or maybe you could have the coin on your arm and you use that thing that papercraneproductions is selling in a bit were a picture on your hand moves around (which is impromptu), you could get the coin to flip over, then you could "reach" into your hand and pull the coin the right way up out of your hand.
    And you could throw in exile in there somewhere?

    lol it sounds cool (tattoo joe)
  11. ive got a lot of ideas for tatoo joe.

    The ghost gaff deck has faded queens- just do a few colour changes until its completely blank, and do tatoo joe. Shapeshift it back or something afterwards.

    Stained skin+ tatoo joe anyone?

    if you cut off the bottom bit of a stained skin tatoo (e.g. queen of hearts) and do tatoo joe to 'restore' the full card, i think that'd be pretty immense.

    ****, my creative juices are flowing. im also thinking of a concept with the 'sexy' card in the ultragaff =p
  12. I read on another review of Tattoo Joe that the method is relatively bold and that we should not perform it when we have spectators burning our hands.

    Is that true? Can you shed some light?
  13. Unless you are under Studio Lights, and have the right gimmick you should be fine.

  14. How visible is the gimmick itself?

    What kind of lighting condition is it best performed in? Is it like loops where u have to be under a shadow or dark lighting?
  15. The gimmick is invisible under all lights except for really bright studio lights. Evan then you can barley see it.

  16. It's bigger than the raven, but ti is also easier to conceal ;)

    JDEN, you forgot to metion the funny jokes ;)

    Joe Russel is really funny in the dvd (and in the beach with his mom!)
  17. HAHA yes the DVD is very entertaining.

  18. kinda misleading. good review nonetheless.

  19. true..however i never dared to do this trick in the daylight bec unlike joe i have hair on my arms and shaving just for this....
    but still a great trick.

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