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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by timft, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Hey there young man are you ready for your tattoo?

    Who else thinks this trick is pretty sick?

    I just ordered it. I know, I know, its gimmicked but it looks like you'll be able to get craZy reactions.

  2. Hey, who cares if it's gimmicked.
    If you like it, then that's all that matters.

    Keep in mind that spectators cant tell if a tricks gimmicked or impromptu, not that they would even know the difference.

    Also, when you get it, let me know how it is.
    I've read a few reviews for it, but 1 more couldn't hurt.
  3. I'll tell you how it is. I was just saying it was gimmicked because all of the gimmick haters out there were gonn start bashing. And NO Worries dude i'll tell you how it is.
  4. Who cares...

    Who cares if it's gimmicked....
    The reactions are crazy......
    Something appear on your hand like that.....
  5. Joel Paschall cares if its gimmicked... that mans a purist lol.
    But yea seriously, some of the best tricks in magic are gimmicked... as long as its a gimmick you can swap in and out properly/secretly... why not.
    - Hope the trick is great, let us all know how it goes for you.
  6. i dont think there's any other way to do that kinda sick, visual trick, haha.
    UNLESS someone can come up with an impromptu way?? o_O
    I'm planning on ordering it along with BentTouchSlink :D can't wait
  7. lol...
    Is there anympromptu way???
    I don't think so....
  8. You catch a spider and train him to write what you want on your arm with a sharpie, then eat your skin off, removing the image. Then once the effect is done, squish him in your hand and pretend to sneeze. When you "sneeze" throw the spider guts to the ground, and you are left clean.
  9. That is horrible.. :(

    It's not impromtu, though. I would consider a spider a gimmick. :p

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