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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jacob L, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! I was hoping I could get some help here.
    So my English teacher gave us this assignment to "teach the teacher." We basically pick a topic, and teach the class about something the teacher doesn't know about. I want to do something with magic. I originally was going to do the history of playing cards since I find that pretty interesting, but I know that there are some effects out there in which you "teach" the effect to the audience, when it's really an effect in itself with a twist ending. So my question is what are some effects like this and/or what is a good reference to find these kind of effects?


  2. you can always do triaumph and talk about some magician of old
  3. Interesting.... or shuffling lesson could work here too
  4. I'd look into steve spills paper balls over the shoulder.
  5. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention I have around only two weeks to prepare, I'm not sure if that effect could be performed well in that short time of practice. I appreciate the help though, anything else?

  6. Dude, the effect is stupid simple, and the props cost less than 10 bucks at your local walmart/ target

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