Technique by Matthew Mello

May 25, 2010
I havn't really done any Mentalism before, and was wondering if Technique is a good place to start out. Thanks in advance.
Aug 31, 2007
Hey man,

Technique will teach you a method for getting information from a pad of paper, which involves a method that you'd probably have to learn from scratch regardless of if you've been involved in mentalism for awhile. I've simply made the method a bit easier.

It also teaches my billet tear, which is a way of getting information from a piece of paper. And it also teaches a common method in mentalism, used as an "out" on the Technique dvd.

But, being new to mentalism, you probably will want to work on presentation. I don't give my personal presentations on the dvd, because it is a technique that you should be able to provide your own for. But, I would suggest getting Corinda's 13 steps, and maybe Practical Mental Magic, just to get yourself a little more immersed in the different presentations and effects in mentalism.

Matt Mello
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