Ted Annemann - Annemann's Card Magic by John J. Jr. Crimmins

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  1. Does anyone have this book.Do you need to be an advanced magician to learn the material, and also is there any material in this book that could be labeled as self working card magic??
    Also several other books, I found listed were Charles Jordon's Best card tricks, The Magic of Stewart Judah, and the Collected Tricks of Bob Hummer. I found no index of what is in these books, just a reference that these books, have self working material in them, the references were several years old, and the links did not work. So if anyone can help it would appreciated, and where would I be able to buy these...
  2. @Robert1996: I have Annemann's Card Magic by Crimmins. It is one of the best books on card magic I have in my library (and I have quite a few). The effects are very fresh, clever and timeless. Quite a few unique ones with fascinating plots. Annemann understood what people like and how to make card magic entertaining. You do not need to be an advanced magician to learn and perform a lot of the material. There are a bunch of self-working tricks in the book, but yet they are very strong. There are others that take only a minimum of skill, like being able to control a card to the top or bottom. I highly recommend.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback. Have you heard of any of the other books I listed in my thread???
  4. Anneman's card magic does not seem to be currently available. There have been a few threads lately with discussions of books on self working magic. As I recall Scarne and Fulves are most often mentioned.
  5. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has loads of stuff from Annemann as well.
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  6. Here are the tables of contents for the books you are looking at:

    Annemann's Card Magic Contents

    Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks Contents

    Collected Tricks of Bob Hummer Contents

    Magic World of Stewart Judah Contents

    They are all good books that have a variety of effects in them. The Annemann book is actually two books - "Miracles of Card Magic" and "Full Deck Impromptu Card Tricks." There is good stuff in there, but the writing and presentation is dated because it was published in the 1940s.

    Scarne on Card Tricks is probably the best value for self-working effects. There is a lot of great material in that book.
  7. Thank you David, always appreciate your feedback.
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  8. You don't need to buy, Annemann's Card Magic. Since, the two books that make up Anneman's card magic are in the public domain. They're available in html for free in The Learned Pig Project section of lybrary.com

    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks is also available for free in The Learned Pig Project section of lybrary.com. Along with Ten New Pocket Tricks by Charles T. Jordan and Half-a-Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer as well.
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  9. You need to register to get access to TLPP, but it is worth it. That is a good way to get a lot of material legitimately. That said, some of the formatting isn't the best. I do prefer actual books but TLPP is a great way to learn if you don't have the money to go and buy a lot of books.

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