Teens on Masters of Illusions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheJoo, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. hey how did those teens get on masters of illusions?
    do they belong to the magic castle junior society?
  2. i know one of them was. I forgot his name, but I saw him on master of illusions tonight and I saw him live at the magic castle.

    I am not sure how he got on the show though
  3. I think so, because last meeting in the Magic Castle; there a abunch of people filming stuff.
  4. can someone tell me a website where i can watch videos of masters of illusions?
  5. I think that the quality of the whole street magic thing is kind of weak on the show, but that kid definitely looked like he wasn't a teen, maybe like 10 or something. I'd take a good guess that most of these people were just put on the show for knowing someone, or being in the magic castle. I mean you don't see them getting real close-up artists out of the magic community to do thw "street magic" portion.

    Hopefully peaked some of the kid's buddies interest in magic, I am sure they are psyched to see him on TV.
  6. In respect to most of the kids, alot of what they do is either really original or very creative. But i do agree that the street magic portion of the show lacks.
    All of the kids in that segment including Krystyn are apart of Mcbride's school to learn magic so i assume that is how they are apart of the show.
  7. Incorrect.

    All of us do belong to the Magic Castle Junior Society, but that is not how we were selected for the show.

  8. I agree with TKH. Every single street performance was terrible. they need to get some people that actually know what their doing.
  9. Age doesn't matter. Skill does.

  10. why were u chosen to perform then?
    also what did u perform to get into to the junior society?

  11. too bad none of the close-up performers(if I could call them that) had any skill.
  12. I think Krystyn Lambert is a very skilled magicienne, if not technically then presentationally. She's very articulate, well-spoken, and friendly. She also has a well-established character.
  13. You have to remember, we are not performing to impress magicians, we are performing to entertain laymen, and the public watching the show.
  14. What show were you watching? Her performance of that monte trick was rushed, awkward, and just bad. There was no presentation.

  15. Beleive me, I've watched two episodes of the show with people who don't do magic, and they thought it was corny, and just plain bad. Honestly only a couple of performances on the entire series have entertained me, and the laymen I've watched it with. Dan Sperry being one, Jeff Mcbride, and those two asian chicks.
  16. I thought Krystin (I might have spelled that wrong) was not good at all. I agree with Creeper, her performance was not good at all and her three card monte was not fluid and you could tell something was obviously happening because of her akward handling of the cards.
  17. I'm just talking about the whole street magic segments in general.
  18. Well either way, laymen, atleast the ones I'm watching with aren't finding any of it(except for the select few I talked about) entertaining.

    In your performance, you didn't have any patter. You just said what you were doing as you were doing it. Thats not very entertaining if you ask me.
  19. Wait, zachmonkey were you the one doing the business card transpo? If so that's awesome!!!

    Anways, half the acts were bad but i watch the show for a few reasons:

    1. Jeff Mcbride
    2. Street Magic
    3. Ai and Yuki

    So far, Mcbride, Ai and Yuki have entertained me with each of their acts (especially the Miser's dream Mcbride did on yesterday's show). However, the street magic, i feel, has not lived to it's potential. All the street magic stuff has gotten gasps and "Oh my god"s but none of them have gotten a screaming, yelling kind of reaction. And close-up magic is supposed to be the most engaging form of magic, therefore can get the best reactions. I'd like to see screaming reaction stuff like Lit, Technique, Flow. But i guess you can't use published material on a national tv show.
  20. Ok, I didn't see Krystyn's performance on the show, but elsewhere I have been very impressed. I get a sinking feeling that a lot of the naysayers here cannot practice what they preach.

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