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  1. Hi guys

    I own SHUDDER by Dee Christopher and SPIN by Matt Sconce.
    I really like these 2 tricks because they do not use IT.

    do you have to suggest me others TK tricks?


  2. Uhm....Crush?
  3. I have read very bad reviews about crush so i will not buy it.

    Other tricks?
  4. Would you care to explain yourself young man? Why the HECK would you not use IT? It literally opens up a million doors for TK magic, and are nothing short of instant miracles. You are restricting your boundaries of telekinetic magic by thousands of miles.
  5. Actually i do not use IT because I have not found a really good source that explains how to use IT in a proper way: I do not want to perform it in a way that the spectator will say " it is obvious: you are using an IT".

    So if you have good sources on IT do not esitate to write them.

  6. Actually, I've seen very good reviews of Crush on here... A few not so great ones, but as is the same with every effect... I've seen bad reviews for True Astonishments even at one time... ANYway...

    Have a look at Matt Sconce's Powerword Fall. Have the ability to make objects drop at will from 10+ feet away if you so choose.

    Dan Hauss has Downfall. I've heard plenty of bad reviews on it, but some good as well... May be worth just learning the concept. Who knows.

  7. I have both of them: pwf was in a boundle with spin on papercraneproductions and I also bought downfall time ago.

    I really do not liked pwf beacuse of the setup: I am looking something I can perform on the go, with no preparation.

    Downfall was amazing: a very good concept, you have to work on it a bit to understand the technique and use it .
  8. Really? You found Power Word: Fall had too much preparation? :confused:

    Well then, you may want to look into something like the M5, I guess. It does what it sounds like you're looking for (essentially impromptu effects).
  9. Search for a guy named James Hydrick, one of the best tk magician ever. Unfortunately he was imprisoned for fraud.

    And an interesting story about spin, unfortunately a month before it was released the method was exposed on a show called science of scams of which Derren Brown was a part of.
  10. I have seen a video about him time ago, but he did not release any dvd or books
  11. I have the Guerilla Guide to Loops by Daniel Garcia, Justin Miller, and Nathan Kranzo. Get it; it'll give you a wide scope on what you can do with IT. And just a little headsup, from my own experience; if you don't want the spec to immediately think "that's soo invisible string", then make your movement as natural as possible. You also should get the audience in the right mindset prior to performing with IT...or else any type of TK will seem a bit...fishy.
  12. Hahaha James Hydrick, I loved that guy.

    For a wide array of TK effects, look up Barrie Richardson's Theatre of the Mind and Theatre of the Mind: Act II. Overall, amongst the best collection of general and varied mentalism effects in print, with generous portions devoted to TK, other uses for IT, and similar effects.
  13. Asher you are definately right man....wether an effect is bad or not, its always key to learn it to learn the concept behind it. You could end up putting 4 effects together to make one mind blowing miracle. You never know...
  14. If you have the Tarantula, you can use it. But there are many other methods out there.

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