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Jul 23, 2007
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Happy Sunday!

Wanted to share a link to this new article just posted by Teller (of Penn and Teller) in Smithsonian Magazine. Inside, he describes how (and why) magic works, and shares a few stories about his experiences in that pursuit. The article is certainly insightful, but I also wonder if things like this become TOO insightful after a certain point. Is the wonder removed if audiences know too much, or think about WHY a trick works instead of enjoying the moment?

There is absolutely great value in applying the principles of magic to other scientific fields. Apollo Robbins is a great champion of this, as well as Eric Mead and many more. These individuals speak at conferences for neuroscience, as well as train security professionals on how to read body language. There is great value there that we, as magicians, often take for granted. Magic lives at the intersection of art and science.

There is a fine line separating "why magic works" and "how magic works." As a magician, this of course makes us nervous. But, to be fair, keep in mind that this was published in an art and science magazine (Smithsonian), not on the Today Show. So the venue is, at least in part, applicable.

Check out the article here. Whatever your interest, it's a captivating read:


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Sep 14, 2008
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JB, thanks for sharing that. It was a great quick read. I'll probably print it and take it to my club meeting this Wednesday. We always like to share articles and things like this.
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