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    Hello! this is my first video i've posted. It's called TFC- Trick,Flourish,Change.It's a short video were i show a 3 peices that i love to include between or during a preformace. It's all my creations execpt the EGO CHANGE by daniel garica for the ''Change'' part of the video. For the ''Trick'' there are no gimmicks(only pure sleight of hand). I hope you enjoy the video and i'm not too confident to post this up in the Media section. I don't think it is good enough.:(

    I just wanted to express myself because i was really worried to post a video of me preforming. I believe i am capable of performing such good creations of mine but i don't really have the confidents to do it.

    Here is the video: Tell me your opinons!
  2. Guardians, Ground, why must you do this?
  3. I don't no lol
  4. Wow! awsome production very visual. I suppose that would go well with a comedy routine like a mess up trick or something > Great work keep it up!
  5. the production was very "interesting"
  6. Thanks! I have to give credit to Aussi Cardman- Srechko Howard and Lee Asher. I went to Lee Asher's Card Jam in Toronto and he showed us this production of an ace. The card produced so fast out to the front of the deck. I was amazed and i loved it! He told me it was from Aussi Cardman- Srechko Howard and he inspired me to create my own. My production of the card comes out from the back of the deck while Aussi Cardman- Srechko Howard produces s from the front. If i havn't been shown this move i would have never created this. The production is impromptu. Glad you like it.
  7. actually that reminds me, i think lee did something like that in one of the whatistheory11 teaser videos, i'll have to go check
  8. Yes he did!
  9. Damn, nice production. It looks like editing to me, but if you say it's not i believe you.

  10. i was kinda thinking that too, but im not too sure
  11. No I didnt edit it. I don't even no how lol :p . Thanks!
  12. I don't beilve. In editing its a waste of time and fake if you knew the method it would be all sleight of hand

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