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  1. Hey all,

    I was just practising some flourishes when I realised that I hadnt done the TG Deck Flip (Sorry if thats the wrong name, its in the D&D Trilogy anyway lol) in a while so I started doing it again.

    Anyway after a while I thought it would be a really cool thing if i could force a card on someone performing this move. Basically i discovered a way by bending the force card a little so that it catches wind during the move (EVEN IF ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DECK) and seperates itself from the deck. I filmed it as a prediction in this video so let me know what you all think about it as i dont think ive ever seen it done anywhere before ... if not I want it named after me : P lol haha jks

    The URL is:

    Let me know what you all think k

  2. It's good, but it's not really what I'd call a force.It seems like a fair choice of card to them, but it's not a choice they get to make. I think most people would view this as similar to shuffling the deck then using the top card. Fair, but not an spectator's choice. Good trick though. Good for persuading everyone of your amazing ability to manipulate cards even when you're not touching them etc. Great idea.
  3. i had the same idea like a year ago....just with using the 4 a 4 card production
  4. How did you go about doing it as a 4 card production ?
  5. I was working on this idea over 10 years a selection being lost then suddenly flying to the right out of the deck and into my hands..then an ace production, then a way to reverse a card secretly.
  6. I actually have the same kind of thing where a card is selected and then you flip the deck and the card lands half way outjogged and face up.

  7. I had the same idea 60 years ago , with a super secret top reversal , then a card to pocket,,LOL, just messing ,
  8. How do you bend the force card, portrait or landscape?
  9. I was playing around with this idea a couple of weeks ago, but a little different.... instead of the card in the middle, the card you want to reveal, would be on top.

    You do the deck flip sideways holding the grip on the top card tighter and when you catch the deck (in your other hand) the card flies out of the deck and onto the floor... it kinda looks like it comes out of the middle but anyway i like it. it takes some practice but it looks pretty cool
  10. I usually bend it Portrait
  11. How many magicians does it take to change a lightbulb?


    1 to change the bulb and another 99 to say "oh, yeah I do that too, but differently, here, let me show you..."

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