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  1. Hello,

    Ive been tinkering around with the TG murphy Deck flip for a while now. But i cant seem to do it right- and it doesnt look as flawless as the ones i see in videos.

    Apologies about the lighting, camera and overall quality of the video. Laziness has struck again.


  2. use an older deck, so it'll stick together more.
    about the card that keeps flicking out, it's just practice...

  3. What the hell? Using old decks is the last things you have to do for this...
  4. their are a couple of things you can do... above all else practice using the correct way of preforming it.

    To help keep cards from flying off, either add more pressure upwards to keep the cards together, or bow the pack of cards to eliminate air between the cards. This should help keep them together.
  5. i am practicing the correct way arent i? ive rewatched the teaching on the trilogy, and Dan did say the handling varies from person to person- but the handling taught there is as close as i can get.

    Anyways, i thought that too. my deck seems to fly off my hands when i use an older deck. My wynns tend to stick together, which is why i use them.

    And bow as in- bend you mean?
  6. Gee thanks. You made yourself sound like an ass, but you did help.
  7. If you're looking for tips, check the other threads, they've all been said before, you practicing is all that's left....
  8. I don't get it, if answering your question makes him an ass, why would he want to help you again...?
  9. Darian said in another thread

    There are at least 5 other identical threads asking about this. But, since *****ing won't help, here are some tips

    -Press down on the deck before the flip to eliminate any air in between the cards
    -Use a crisp deck without crimps
    -Try keeping the thumb on the side of the deck when doing the flip rather than the top where it might catch a card while doing the flip
    -Practice using more broken in decks, when you get the motions down and a feel for the flip, deck condition doesn't matter as much
    -Start out by doing more slow, controlled flips, again, once you get a feel for the move the speed at which you flip it doesn't matter as much
    -Practice.... best piece of advice I can give.
  10. i am aware of the other thread now, Thanks to him.

    If you ask a person directions in an area that you know nothing about- Would it please you if he answered:

    "its over there, you Dumb Mother F****er. "

    Rather than

    "Its right over there, beside the X and Y- You cant miss it."

    Moral: There is a right and wrong way of doing things.
  11. olddecks really dont make a difference, in fact, it might make things worse.

    use a deck that has no warped, crimped, etc cards

    if the deck has a curve hold it in mechanics grip so the curve forms a "U" shape

    then try it
  12. TG himself said something about this on the Magiccafe forums...forgot where it was though.
  13. While this topic is still on going- is it advisable to practice with the box/card clips firsthand? or do i just keep practicing with a deck?


  14. After a certain point, no. If the card flying off is the problem, you just gotta practice with the deck.
  15. Here are some tips that Dan Buck gave me.

    Can you do it perfectly with the cards in the box?
    Do you have even pressure distributed on both sides of the deck?
    Try to only flip the deck 180 degrees and see if any cards still fly out, if so try the following:
    Is your index finger also applying an upward pressure on bottom of the deck? This pressure should match the same pressure you're applying with your thumb and fingers on the sides of the deck.
    Make sure ONLY the nail of your index finger contacts the bottom card of the deck when applying this pressure. Dai Vernon talked about "overcoming friction with the nail" and that is precisely what you do here.
    Are you opening your hand up 'all at once'. The action should be like this, make a tight fist and extend your fingers out 'all at once'. This is the same action that needs to happen when releasing the pressure from the deck.
  16. Cheers, will try that. Much appreciated.
  17. Practice with the cards inside the box first, until it's second nature, until you despise the move, and then you can do it with your eyes shut.
  18. Here's what I suggest you do.
    Apply some more pressure with your index finger because that's how I got mine wrong.
    When releasing with your middle finger when I began I closed my eyes and released it to minimize the confusion
    Keep Practicing!

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