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  1. I have been practicing this move whilst keeping the back of my hand flat on a table or surface, so that it's my fingers that are doing the work.
  2. Ah, now that you mention it, that's a great idea. For the longest time I'd always unconsciously kick my hand up...looked real sketchy. Great tip for beginners out there...this move's a cool one. :)
  3. Yeah, I found that it forces you to use your fingers rather than using your whole wrist. It makes Molecule 2 look better since there's less movement from the arms.
  4. I've been trying it on and off for like the past 4 or 5 months now I think and I finally got it down about 2 weeks ago. I was having the problem where the top and/or bottom cards would fly off, and then I found some thread where TG himself explained how to fix the problem and then I just messed around with it until I got it.

    There are two good ways to practice it that I found, especially when first learning it. (1) I think you should start off with the cards in the case, and just watch a movie or something and do it every once in a while for a few minutes. That drastically improved my flips when I did it without the case. The might also cause problems, I am sure it is different for everyone, but it worked really well for me. (2) Also, try to count how many consecutive times you can do it in a row. I can usually get a good 10 or 15 before screwing something up on accident. For me, this is one of those "moves" or w/e you want to call it that you just simply have to do when you are relaxing. Don't take it too seriously, and after a while it'll become more and more clean & perfect.

    I can see why this is one of the Buck's favorite tricks, it reminds me of a kickflip in skateboarding, except catch it sideway (like primo) isn't quite as deadly :p

    That's a good idea btw, resting your hand on a table, I'm gonna try that :D
  5. It's that kicking up of the hand that gives you extra distance so it isn't always a bad thing to do.
  6. nice idea man, i would have never thought of that!
  7. come to think of it, i always have the habbit to drop my hand when i do it, like one of those things in trilogy where u try to flip a number of cards on top of the deck simply by having a break and drop down your hands, not sure if it is a good habit.
    but what was the fix for the top and bottom card flipping out?
  8. thats so funny you say that i got so tiered of that bottom card shooting out i stated to use it. bring the chosen card to the bottom then doing some false shuffles then the deck flip, to see the chosen card fly out in the mist of a flip is a beautiful thing. I now can land it the right way i also can shoot that bottom card out as well.
  9. Here is a link to that post explaining how to solve the cards flying off issue by TG Murphy:

    @ Nate - Haha, Yeah, I used it as a card reveal once or twice at first two. It would shoot off the card, I'd catch it, and it would look like I threw the cards in the air and make a person's selected card shoot out. I could only make it consistent like 40% of the time or something, so I didn't use it a lot, but it worked once or twice like I said. :p It's good to know how to do it right though anyways :)
  10. amen to that (finally getting it right)

    if i slide the index finger i get the card to shoot out but if i pop the index i land a clean TG flip.
    another fun thing i like to do is hold the deck by its short sides,you'll find its like an Oli impossible and some times a pop shove it kick flip.(for those who skate will understand)
  11. hahahaha ... i practice like that too .... while im laying on my bed watching MTV .... my arm is extend tryin to do the TG deck flip ... by the way ... im addicted to it.
  12. I'm praying that the MTV part was a joke...
  13. a "pop shove it kickflip" is called a varial kickflip
  14. oh snap your right. ether way I cant do it. thanks
  15. I've been doing the deck flip non stop for the past week and I've got it every time.

    To any of the readers/posters out there who are having a hard time with this one... I promise, just keep at it and you will get it. I tried it a few times here and there for a while, but never felt consistent with it. One day I just decided to figure the damn thing out. Here is a list of things to evolve over time to improve the effects consistency & flow:

    1.) Find you own subtle positions for your fingers on the cards! For me, the thumb played a HUGE role in this. I have a set position for it that it actually different from the way a lot of people do it that I've seen in videos.
    2.) Make sure to "pop" rather than "scrape." These words should trigger something in your head if you are having problems with the cards flying out.
    3.) Just sit there any practice it for a while on a Sunday or something so you can just relax and figure out all the little details.
    4.) Believe in yourself and you can do anything. That's what my mom tells me. I haven't gotten that job as an astronaut yet though, maybe next year. :p

    (Btw, I am hoping this isn't exposure. I still recommend that people buy The Trilogy to learn this, because that tutorial was extremely helpful.)
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    try taking it out of the box now.

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