TG Murphy Deck Flip Problem

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  1. Okay guys so every time I do the deck flip only 1 card flies out in a spinning fashion almost as if I am trying to get the bottom card to be produced ( actually it looks pretty slick ) but I want to know if there are any specific things to do to eliminate this. I can do the rotation perfectly but 90% of the time a single card flies out like a boomerang card. Thanks guys, cheers.
  2. Hey there!

    I gave this advice to someone else too and it seemed to work for them. I actually figured this out by watching D&D.

    Before you do the deck flip, I suggest that you bend the cards, either with a spring or a pressure fan/under pressure. This creates less friction between your finger and the card. Or at least a better angle. Also, try to apply a lot of force and have it come off of your nail not your entire finger.

    It is also about practice but I am sure that is not what you wanted to hear ;).

  3. You can also bend the cards length wise too. I used to find my decks would often be bent in a concave fashion from practicisng the one handed riffle shuffle. After this, the TG deck flip move wouldn't be a problem.

    I too used to find one card flying off, but i would occasionally work it into an ACR. By flipping and having the selected card fly out when it was supposed to be buried in the deck, it used to look pretty good. If it didn't fly out, it was just a cool little move...
  4. I found that just applying pressure to the deck and pushing out any air between the cards works well. Just give it a squeeze and try the flip. The cards 99% of the time, for me at least, stay together. Practice, practice, practice. I love that little flip.
  5. I've seen D&D do a diving board double with a tg murphy deck flip before. It looks freaking awesome..
  6. alright thanks guys it's coming along slowly but I still sometimes am getting this one card shoot out i just don't know why. i'll continue to practice and post my results. thanks again
  7. Maybe the deck is aged and you have a few cards which have bends or crimps on them. Take a careful look at the card's number and suit when they fly out, check to see if they're the problem.
  8. I actually used the TG Murphy Deck Flip as a production in one of my tricks a while ago. It works quite great! (unless you drop the deck (which sadly happens to me a lot))... Go ahead and check it out...
    The production is at the end so you can just forward to that if you want... (Or you can watch the whole thing :)....)

    Hope you enjoy...
  9. well people actually use that for a production. but bend your cards a certain way (downward arch preferably) aor use a clip and the flip isn't supposed to go that high, so try not to push too much on the index
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    I think you meant "I have the Trilogy"?

    If that's the case, I assure you Trilogy will last you quite a while. If you know the Molecule cuts, you should carry on learning and mastering all the variations. If you know Preqel, I suggest you start learning Pandora. I've seen great works on youtube that pair these two flourishes together, it's amazing. After that well, Jackson Five's probably gonna take a while to master!

    Meanwhile if I intepreted wrongly and you don't have the Trilogy, I suggest you get Daniel Madison's Lethal or Dangerous DVD. One thing to note is that Dangerous is only worth your money if you're into tricks as well. If you're not, then stick to Lethal because Lethal teaches all of Motion's flourishes.

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