TG murphy deck flip

Mar 16, 2012
hey guys, im having trouble with the tg murphy deck flip. Every time i flip the deck 360 degrees the bottom card seems to fly out all the time and i dont know what is causing the card to shoot out every time i flip it. It is very frustrating, and if u guys have any tips or suggestions to why this is happening then that would be greatly appreciated.
Jan 8, 2010
It's usually your finger that causes this, it contacts the bottom of the deck for too long. Two things reduce this happening; 1. Break the deck in. 2. Have a lighter, snappier touch when doing the move.

Hope that helps.
formula is correct, your finger is causing it to happen...had the same problem when I was first learning how to do it years ago. It really is just a flick, nothing more, nothing less.

Try doing it with half the deck or even with just a packet of 10 or so.

It's a knacky move, and will improve with simple practice.

Hang in there,

- Steve

Postscript: From experience if you are attempting to perform the move with a new deck or fairly new you are more likely to encounter the problem you mentioned, because as we all know a new deck is very slick. Try practicing it with a deck you've been using for a week or two and once you get it down solid then a new deck shouldn't prove much of a challenge.

Jul 11, 2012
It's your index finger, try to contact it with your nail instead of your skin,and keep thinking that you'll flip the deck without flick it out, you'll automatically change
Mar 16, 2012
thank you guys, that helped alot. i obv am not a pro yet but the card flies out alot less now since i took your advice.
Dec 26, 2009
If you practice springs and dribbles a lot with that same deck it will cause the cards to be warped. This could also be the problem. Regardless if the deck is new or the cards are warped, you can do the deck flip with the cards in the tuck case and you can practice this way also. One more way to build up the small muscles in your fingers is to do the deck flip with a card clip on your deck. Surprisingly it will help.

Btw once you get it down you can do some cool stuff with it. Like: buckle the top card of the deck by doing a waterfall flourish and then do the deck flip. The top card will fly off the top of the deck do a flip in the air and land in your opposite hand. Its a cool add on for an acr, if your acr is more than the card coming to the top of the deck.
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