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  1. During the past few days, and due to several encounters with the theory11 support team, I've come to realize what a magic company is all about. To truly survive in this industry and have an incredible future, please look up to theory11 and take notes. In my earlier years while in high school and the launch of the site, I honestly compared it to others because of the effects being offered. "Sure so and so has this awesome new effect but theory11 has the one with the x's performed on Dive of Death so okay (click) this one it shall be..." I've been thinking to myself why theory11 has that special something that keeps me and as I'm sure plenty of you guys coming back. Of course they have great resources and a phenomenal team working around the clock behind the scenes, however my point is that sometimes it's not about the final product being sold. It's the fact that they're friendly, the majority don't have enormous egos which eventually make it impossible to chat via email or Facebook, the fact that they brought personality and an artist/role model - customer/student relationship with the artist diaries and various podcasts, etc, etc! Disregarding any specific effect, I guarantee you that you will get so much powerful information with a theory11 DVD of artists just talking than any other brand's DVD teaching over 3 hours of recycled performances with a side of hooking newcomers to buy more.

    I have so much more to say, yet I have finals in around 11 hours... yes that was not a coincidence, c'mon guys!

    Anyway, the holidays are approaching fast so why not be warm and appreciate what you have sitting in front of you everyday? Thank you Jonathan Bayme, theory11 support, every and anyone who films, edits, produces, writes, designs, promotes, sells, packs, and performs behind the scenes at theory11 in Nevada, CT, SC, and NY. (I apologize if I left one out.)


    God bless, peace~
  2. Well said, and agreed 100%.
  3. The T11 support team did something really really kind. Even though I had no evidence of me trying to use the holiday promo for 4 hours straight and it not working, the t11 team believed me and still gave me the free decks that I had been trying to obtain.

    I cannot even explain how thankful I am that we have this kind of team to assist us with whatever we need. If E and T11 sold the same product, and T11 sold it for more, you could guarantee I would be ordering here.
  4. YES. Rock on
  5. Wow - you just made our day. We don't do what we do for applause. We work hard and we make sure our community is well attended to because we actually, really, really care. That may sound like a simple, obvious thing, but it's really not. There's a world of difference between a community and a company; a job and a passion.

    Especially these past few weeks, our entire team from support to production to warehouse to artists have been working crazy hours to make sure our holiday season - your holiday season - got started off right. Our goal was to make this holiday season worthy of being last year's successor, and making an already special time of year just a little bit moreso. Six releases in one week is exhausting and hectic for any company, especially one that is involved in every aspect of every project from start to finish.

    It's a great feeling to see your reviews and response. Our work means nothing without you guys there to support it. So in complete sincerity - thank you.
  6. I'm actually very glad that you've had to work your asses off this past week or so. Doesn't that sound a bit mean? ;) My point is that means you're getting a lot of business and from what I've experienced during my short time as a customer and member of this site - all of you behind the scenes are definitely worth it. Keep up the great work and try to get some time to rest during the holidays (unless you're planning on releasing something else or having another sale - then you better stay in your seat, buddy! ;)).
  7. The customer support is always amazing, that is for sure.
  8. i would personally like to thank all the team at T11 and specially Zach Mueller, He had been so patient with my questions and never failed to give me the answer i would like to hear. T11 is seriously the best team in magic and i hope that i win the grand prize so that i get to go to Las Vegas and meet you guys. Xd
  9. Bryant & Zach are providing Good Customer Service ! Fast Reply and very helpful ! =)
  10. Very helpful isn't a good enough word. We have to make up a word that combines all the awesome-est words.

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