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Thank you, Theory11!

Nov 3, 2018
All right, this is it: For four hours it's been 2020! Another year has changed from presence to past.
In the past year, these forums have been a big part of my life. They started as a good source of information on my hobby, but have become much more than that over time: All the nicknames and aliases have changed from being information to being people. People I have come to appreciate and whose messages I have started to enjoy on more than a "professional" level. People, some of whom have become friends, some of whom I like to think of as mentors both in magic and in life.
In this post I want to say thank you to a few people (in no particular order) who contribute to these forums in a special way and make it such a great place to be at for everybody else. This will never be a complete list, as I can only list those people I have come to know myself, and I apologize if I forget somebody who definitely should be named.

First of all, @RealityOne: You are one of the most knowledgable and personable people on these forums. You have helped me and others in so many ways, from providing us with sources to tricks we have seen and want to learn, to actually helping me create my first "show" (if you can talk of "helping" when in reality he did 80% of the work).
Apart from that, you fulfill your duties as moderator in an exemplary way. This goes for all of the moderators: In the last couple of months I have realized how important you are to keep these forums the nice place they are.

@WitchDocIsIn: Another extremely knowledgable person and our local expert on mentalism, always willing to share his wisdom with anybody eager to learn. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge!

@Gabriel Z.: One of the pillars of the community. You've been here such a long time and your persistency in learning difficult sleight of hand is an example.

@Casey Rudd: Two weeks ago, when I had slight problems with the Wheel, I came to value the work you put into making this website, including both shop and forums, as pleasant for us as possible. From what I've seen and heard, you're always extremely helpful both in emails and in a forum thread.

All right, this is my list. As it's 4 am right now, I'm sure I've forgotten somebody -- luckily for me, I know that those people who would have a place in this list won't be offended :) Still: I apologize for not mentioning you!

But wait: I almost forgot the most important person: You! Yes, you! Thank you so much for being part of our group! You make hanging out here so great: Many different ways to find a solution, so many different styles -- so thank you for sharing your opinion on our wonderful hobby!

Please, add anybody who you feel deserves the recognition -- I'm sure there's loads! But, to quote Bilbo Baggins: "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." (Though I'm glad for me it's mostly the first part ;))

That said: Thank you, and a very happy new year!

Gabriel Z.

Elite Member
Apr 26, 2013
Wow!! Thanks for including me in such a group within an esoteric group... That being said I have been here since April 26th 2013 and probably have missed more opportunities than I actually have nabbed. I push for card magic but sometimes it seems like I'm not really doing that much. Not a day goes by that I don't regret all the choices I have made magic and non-magic related. Could have been a forum moderator wasn't meant to be(Maybe next time around). At least I work hard or that's what I tell myself. It's nice to have people like you who make this a more vibrant community(Literally your profile icon is a blinding green and white:p). Happy New Year!! :)
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